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Baggage And Optional Charges

The below information is provided to enable our passengers to quickly review fees related to optional services that may be applicable to your booking.

Code Share Flights

Fiji Airways may use the services of partner airlines for some “FJ” flight numbers, particularly for travel (i) within the USA and (ii) between LAX and Canada. The optional fees charged by the operating carrier may differ from Fiji Airways. Please visit the following websites for more information on our partner airlines.

Alaska Airlines American Airlines    Qantas Airways

Complimentary Baggage for International Flights

  Passenger Type Economy Business
Carry-on Baggage (All Destinations (Except To/From Honolulu)) Adult, Child 7kg (15lbs) x 1piece 7kg (15lbs) x 2pieces
Infant 3kg (7lbs) 3kg (7lbs)
Carry-on Baggage (To/From Honolulu) Adult, Child 7kg (15lbs) x 1 piece 7kg (15lbs) x 1piece
Infant 3kg (7lbs) 3kg (7lbs)
Checked Baggage for Los Angeles & Canada Adult, Child 23kg (50lbs) x 1 piece 30kg (66lbs) x 2 pieces
Infant 10kg (22lbs) x 1 piece 10kg (22lbs) x 1 piece
Checked Baggage for Honolulu Adult, Child 23kg (50lbs) x 1 piece 30kg (66lbs) x 1 piece
Infant 10kg (22lbs) x 1 piece 10kg (22lbs) x 1 piece
Checked Baggage for all other ports (Except To/From USA/CA) Adult, Child 23kg (50lbs) 30kg (66lbs)
Infant 10kg (22lbs) 10kg (22lbs)

Complimentary Baggage for Domestic Flights

  Passenger Type Economy
Carry-on Baggage Adult, Child 7kg (15lbs)
Infant 0kg (0lbs)+Stroller
Checked Baggage Adult, Child 15kg (33lbs)
Infant 0kg (0lbs)+Stroller

International Excess Baggage Fee

Refer to Excess and Oversized baggage section for more information on fee and rules.

Domestic Excess Baggage Fee

Refer to Excess and Oversized baggage section for more information on fee and rules.

Bulky / Oversized Items Fee

 From To All Destinations (Except USA/Canada) To USA/Canada
Australia 50 AUD 100 AUD
Nadi/Suva 50 FJD 200 FJD
Kiribati 50 AUD 100 AUD
New Zealand 50 NZD 150 NZD
Samoa 70 WST 250 WST
Solomon Islands 200 AUD 700 AUD
Tongatapu 50 TOP 200 TOP
Vanuatu 2700 VUV 9700 VUV
Tuvalu 50 AUD 100 AUD
HongKong 200 HKD 800 HKD
USA to All Destination: $100 USD
Canada to All Destination: $100 CAD
  • Bulky items consist of any 'one' piece exceeding 158cm (62in) but not exceeding 277cm (109in) in total dimension, at a maximum weight of 23kg (50lbs), (may include surfboards, golf bags and other equipment)
  • Bulky items are subject to the bulky item fee plus the rate of excess weight beyond each passenger's allowance.
  • Any piece exceeding 277cm (109in) in total dimesion must be carried as Freight.

Change Fees

The rules associated to your purchased fare dictate certain conditions related to your ability to change your booking. The below table is indicative only. Please contact our Reservations Centre for the specific conditions related to your booked fare. Additional service fees may be charged by local ticketing offices and travel agents.

Country of Departure Change fees
Australia AUD120
Fiji Islands FJD130
Kiribati AUD120
Hong Kong HKD540
New Zealand NZD120
Samoa WST165
Solomon Islands SBD515
Tonga TOP130
Tuvalu AUD120
Canada CAD120
Vanuatu VUV6700

Tabua Club

Tabua Club membership fee.

Individual Partner Corporate
FJD499 FJD425 FJD450
Guest Voucher for Tabua Lounge, Nadi is FJD50 per person

Airport Business class upgrades

The following optional upgrade options are subject to availability at the time of check-in.

Sector Adult Child Infant
Los Angeles - Nadi USD1,340 USD1,010 USD110
Nadi - Los Angeles FJD2,580 FJD1,940 FJD260
Honolulu - Nadi USD370 USD270 USD60
Nadi - Honolulu FJD520 FJD400 FJD110

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