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Terms and Conditions

Tabus Club T & C

1. The following terms used in these conditions have the following meanings:
a. “Fiji Airways” means Air Pacific Limited trading as Fiji Airways, the operator of the Tabua Club.
b. “Card” means the Tabua Club membership card issued by Fiji Airways to Tabua Club Members.
c. “Tabua Club” means the Fiji Airways Tabua Club program.
d. “Member” means a person who holds a current Tabua Club membership.
e. “Privileges” means the various services and facilities made available from time to time by Fiji Airways and affiliated partners to Members.
f. “Partner” means anyone joining with an INDIVIDUAL MEMBER or a GROUP MEMBER.
g. “Lounges” means the Fiji Airways VIP lounge at Nadi Airport and affiliated partner lounges across the Fiji Airways network.

2. Types of membership:

Fiji Airways offers three types of Tabua Club membership:

a. INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP – Also known as the Primary Member. This is a single membership, valid for one year and the fee is FJD499.00. This membership is entitled to one only Partner Membership and subject to PARTNER MEMBERSHIP rules under clause 2.b.
b. PARTNER MEMBERSHIP – A member who joins with a current INDIVIDUAL or GROUP Tabua Club member. This membership has the same expiry date as the Primary Member they are partnering with irrespective of when the Partner Membership is paid. This membership is for only one person at a fee of FJD425.00 and is not entitled to add another PARTNER.
c. GROUP MEMBERSHIP – Minimum of five people joining together with same expiry date and must renew together to qualify for this membership. This membership is entitled to one Partner Membership and subject to PARTNER MEMBERSHIP rules under clause 2.b. This membership is valid for one year and the fee per person is FJD450.00.

3. The Card entitles the Member to access the Lounges and the Privileges up to the expiration, or earlier revocation, of the Member’s membership of the Tabua Club in accordance with these terms and conditions. The Card is, and remains, the sole property of Fiji Airways. If the Card is lost or stolen, the Member agrees to immediately notify Fiji Airways and, if required by Fiji Airways, to give information as to the circumstances surrounding the loss or theft of the Card. A Card replacement fee of FJD25.00 applies for any lost, stolen or incorrectly printed cards due to incorrect details provided to Tabua Club.

4. Membership of Tabua Club is personal to the Member and is not transferable. It is the Member’s responsibility to advise Fiji Airways of any changes to contact or postal address and other personal details.

5. Fiji Airways reserves the right to revoke Tabua Club membership at any time for any reason without notice. If membership is so revoked, Fiji Airways may (at its sole discretion) refund a proportion of the membership fee paid by the Member.

6. These terms and conditions may be amended at any time. Fiji Airways will use its reasonable efforts to give prompt notice of any such amendments to Members.

7. Fiji Airways does not guarantee or warrant that any of the Privileges will be available at any given time. Fiji Airways reserves the right to; withdraw, cancel, suspend or change at its sole discretion at any time and without notice any of the Privileges offered or advertised as available to Members. Fiji Airways shall have no liability for any loss, expense or damage suffered by Members resulting from such withdrawal, cancellation, suspension or change.

8. Fiji Airways agrees to use all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of information contained in publications or advertisements detailing the Privileges but it shall have no liability to Members for any inaccuracy or misdescription contained in such publications or advertisements.

9. Access to the Lounges is available to Members subject to the following conditions:
a. An invitation to the Lounges must be obtained by presenting a valid Card at the check in counter. This invitation is exclusive to the Member. It cannot be extended to guests or travelling companions of the Member.
b. Fiji Airways reserves the right to restrict, limit, curtail or discontinue the availability of any Lounge to any Member in its absolute discretion.
c. Access to a Lounge may be denied due to capacity limitations as determined by the operator of the relevant Lounge.
d. Guest passes may be purchased for guests of Members when the guest is travelling with the Member. A guest pass is valid for one entry only. The availability or otherwise of guest passes, and use of Lounges, is subject to the terms and conditions of use of the applicable Lounge. Access to Lounges is only available to Members travelling on Fiji Airways operated international services with a “FJ” flight number prior to boarding and is subject to the Lounge’s operating hours, and at such other times as determined by Fiji Airways in its sole discretion. Children under 3 years old are permitted at no charge to the Nadi Lounge only. Refer table Fig.1 for more details.


Station Lounge Name Eligibility Guests
NAN Fiji Airways Lounge Business class Tabua Member 1 FOC pass
    Economy class Tabua Member Purchase*
BNE Qantas Club - International JC & Tabua Members No Guests
MEL Qantas Club - International JC & Tabua Members No Guests
SYD Qantas Club - International JC & Tabua Members No Guests
AKL Qantas Club - International JC & Tabua Members Purchase*
WLG Qantas Club - International JC & Tabua Members Purchase*
CHC Manaia Lounge JC & Tabua Members Purchase*
LAX Fiji Airways' International Lounge JC & Tabua Members Purchase for US50
SFO Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse JC & Tabua Members Purchase*
HNL Qantas Club - International JC & Tabua Members Purchase*
HKG Club Bauhinia JC & Tabua Members No Guests
SIN Singapore Dnata Lounge JC & Tabua Members No Guests

* Passes will be granted subject to availability

10. Fiji Airways is not liable for the refusal of any third party supplier of Privileges to accept or honour a Card. In advertising the availability of any Privileges provided by third party suppliers, Fiji Airways acts solely as an agent for the third party supplier. The provision of such third party supplied Privileges is subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the third party supplier of such Privileges.

11. These conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of Fiji.

12. The fee paid entitles membership for one year. No refund shall be made for partial use. Membership will terminate automatically upon death of a member.

13. Regular processing of a membership application is ten working days. Requests for quick processing to allow members to enjoy Tabua Club benefits within 24 hours will incur a priority processing fee of FJD100.00. Members opting for priority processing, will receive an authority letter within 24 hours which will enable them to enjoy Tabua Club benefits immediately and have their application taken to the top of the processing line in order to receive their Tabua Club membership card within ten working days subject to postal delivery timelines.

14. Renewal of Tabua Club membership is the sole responsibility of the member. Failure to renew on time will result in the membership being cancelled and balance of credits being reset to zero.

15. Earn upgrade credits. A member earns one upgrade credit for each one way international flight on an FJ designated flight number and full revenue ticket.
a. Disruption of FJ flight – voluntary transfer to other airline: In the event a member voluntarily transfers to fly on another carrier, the member will forfeit this reward and will not earn an upgrade credit.
b. Disruption of FJ flight – involuntary transfer to other airline: In the event a member is involuntarily transferred to fly on another carrier, the member will not be penalized and will be rewarded an upgrade credit.
c. Missing credits: The Tabua Club number must be in the booking so that credits are automatically updated. Members are encouraged to keep track of their travel and claim missing credits online or contact the Tabua Club Services department to update profile.

16. Redeem upgrade credits.
a. A member will be eligible for a one way business class firm upgrade once they have earned eight credits. An upgrade request must be submitted 24 hours before departure. Upgrades are valid only on FJ international designated flights issued on FJ (260) ticket and subjected to availability of a Tabua Club Redemption seat in business class on the intended travel date.
b. Transfer credits: Members are able to use their credits for an upgrade of their immediate family members only.
Immediate family: Parent/Spouse/Child/Sibling

17. Baggage allowance.


In Economy Class,
1. To all destinations (except USA/Canada/Honolulu): extra 7 kg baggage allowance – total 30 kilograms check-in baggage allowance. Carry-on baggage allowance 1 piece @ 7kg.
2. USA/Canada (except Honolulu): extra 7 kg baggage allowance – total 30 kilograms check-in baggage allowance in 1 piece. Carry-on baggage allowance 1 piece @ 7kg.

In Business Class
1. To all destinations (except USA/Canada/Honolulu): 50 kg (maximum 30kg per bag)
2. USA/Canada (except Honolulu): 4 pieces (maximum 30kg per piece). Carry-on baggage allowance 2 pieces @ 7kg each.
Note: Redeemed upgrades are entitled to normal Business class baggage allowances.^

When booked on a separate ticketed domestic Fiji Link flight within Fiji: extra 5 kg baggage allowance – total 20 kilograms check-in baggage allowance. Carry-on baggage allowance 1 piece @ 7kg.^

18. Exclusions
a. Tabua Members who are members of Fiji Airways affiliated frequent flyer and mileage awards partner programs with Qantas (QF), Alaska Airlines (AS) and American Airlines (AA) will earn frequent flyer points or miles, plus status credits on Qantas or Alaskan Airlines programs, when booked on a FJ designated flight number on a flight operated by Fiji Airways. For further information on frequent flyer points/miles please contact the respective airlines. Other Tabua Club benefits do not apply on these carriers.
b. Tabua Club benefits do not apply when:
1. Booked on FJ using Qantas, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines redemption points.
2. Booked on FJ using a complimentary prize from Fiji Airways.
3. Booked on FJ using industry rebate travel benefits
4. Booked on codeshare flights – Flights not operated by Fiji Airways


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