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Fiji Airways Group Reports On-Time Performances for January 2015

Saturday, 14 February 2015: Fiji Airways, Fiji’s National Airline, and Fiji Link, its regional and domestic subsidiary, today reported their January 2015 on-time performance (OTP) results.

Fiji Airways reported an OTP of 75.92% in January, compared to 78.86 % in December and 81.60% in November 2014.  

Fiji Link recorded an OTP of 86.90% in January, compared to 92.49% in December and 89.30% in November 2014.

Fiji Airways Group Managing Director and CEO Stefan Pichler stated: “It has been a slightly under-par start for us in 2015 as far as OTP is concerned. We are endeavouring to do much better than this and ensure both airlines remain above the benchmark of 80%.

Major factors affecting on time performance for Fiji Airways were attributed to minor mechanical issues on its B737 aircraft, offloaded passengers and baggage and adverse weather conditions. Adverse weather and minor mechanical issues also affected Fiji Link.   

The on-time performance for both airlines is available on the Fiji Airways website: /about-fiji-airways/on-time-performance/. OTP is a global airline industry benchmark which measures aircraft flight departures as being on time if they depart from the gate within 15 minutes of the airline’s scheduled departure time.  

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