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Getting Married In Fiji – What You Need To Know

投稿日 4 5 2016 You’ve found the ideal partner, bought the ring and even made a head start on your vows. All that’s missing is the perfect place to tie the knot. Well, look no further than Fiji - an island getaway that will make your wedding a truly unforgettable experience. Boasting some of the best resorts (and views) in the world, there’s a reason why so many couples flock to the South Pacific islands to say, “I do”. However, before you book your ticket and ship your wedding gown, here are the essential things to know about getting married in Fiji. The Practicalities Official sign off Weddings in Fiji are recognised as legal worldwide. Visitors from overseas are required by law to obtain and sign a marriage license from the nearest marriage registry or district office prior to the wedding ceremony. Ideally, this needs to be arranged at least three days prior to your wedding day, but special licenses can be organised to suit your plans. Registry offices are closed on weekends and public holidays, so factor this into your itinerary and timings. However, most resorts will organise the license for you as part of a wedding package. Don’t forget to bring important documents like a valid passport and your birth certificate. If applicable, you’ll also need to bring a divorce or death certificate. Wedding Packages Castaway Island, Fiji The wonderful thing about having a wedding in Fiji is that you can tailor the ceremony to suit your needs, schedule and budget. Intimate celebration for friends and family? Tick. Three-day festival featuring everyone you’ve ever met? Tick. Fiji is famous for its all-inclusive wedding packages, with resorts typically offering full service deals, meaning you won’t have to lift a finger. It’s a pretty attractive prospect for a busy bride and groom. Packages normally include venue hire, accommodation for the newlyweds, a Minister to officiate, Island choir, traditional Fijian wedding guard plus cake! Wedding packages in Fiji average around FJ $8000 per couple in the high season, though you can find options to suit all budgets. To give an indication of rates, currently The Hideaway Fiji offers an amazing wedding package for just FJ $2599 - it comes with all the trimmings including venue hire, floral arrangements and even a personal wedding coordinator. Meanwhile the world famous Castaway Resort is offering a 5-night wedding package for FJ $8050 (low season) or FJ $8295 (high season). This stunning package covers all the basics in addition to a champagne sunset cruise around the island following the wedding ceremony. Ultimately, the price comes down to your personal preferences and budget – just know that anything is possible and there is something to suit every couple. Best of The Bunch - Where To Say “I Do” If you thought picking a ring was hard, think again. When it comes to the perfect wedding venue, it’s safe to say that Fiji’s idyllic islands and world-class resorts will have you spoilt for choice. Here are some of our favourite picks. For Beachside Beauty Treasure Island, Fiji Treasure Island is one of the few self-contained paradises in Fiji. The entire island is family owned and every villa is just thirty metres away from glistening white beaches and crystal clear waters. With competitive wedding packages starting from FJ $1521, Treasure Island is one of the most romantic destinations in the South Pacific to say, “I do” without breaking the bank. For Something Different Cloud 9, Roro reef, Fiji Cloud 9 is unlike any other wedding venue in the world. Imagine getting married in the middle of the ocean on a floating platform, surrounded by nothing but pristine turquoise blue water. Catering up to 100 guests, Cloud 9’s location offers complete privacy and breathtaking views of the incredible Mamanuca and Yasawa Island groups. A quick speedboat ride from Fiji’s main islands, there’s no better spot to tie the knot. For An Authentic Fijian Style Wedding Koro Sun Resort, Fiji While Fiji is famous for its beaches, the nation also has some of the world’s most spectacular rainforests. Opt for the rainforest wedding package at Koro Sun Resort and get married under a lush, green canopy of trees. The wedding ceremony is performed in the Virgin Rainforest, complete with a Fijian choir and traditional Kava tasting! There’s also the option of having traditional Fijian warriors as escorts for the bride.
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Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding In Fiji

投稿日 11 4 2016 Who doesn’t love a destination wedding? It’s a great opportunity for friends and family to come together on your special day, in a location which they may have never thought to experience before. What’s even more perfect is that the wedding can often segue nicely into the honeymoon, no additional logistics required. No need to um and ah any longer, here are 10 good reasons why the dreamy islands of Fiji would make for a memorable destination wedding. 1. Stunning Resorts 6. An Exotic Experience 2. All-Inclusive Wedding Packages 7. Adventure & Fun With Your Nearest & Dearest 3. Picturesque Memories 8. Luxury & Privacy At It's Finest 4. Be Different 9.  The People 5. Two for One 10. The Price 1. Stunning Resorts Outrigger, Fiji Fiji’s world-class hotels and resorts are what wedding venue dreams are made of. Offering breathtaking views, premium services and too-good-to-be-true wedding packages, a destination wedding in Fiji is a no-brainer. The resort facilities are always incredibly impressive, with all you could possible want (and more) in the one place. Some places even have their own chapel too! Popular Fijian mainland resorts to consider for your wedding include InterContinental Fiji Golf & Spa Resort, Shangri La, Outrigger and Warwick. If you prefer island resorts, some of our favourite picks include Tokoriki, Treasure Island and Castaway Island 2. All-Inclusive Wedding Packages When it comes to experience, the wedding planners in Fiji are next to none. Many of the resorts are designed to accommodate for weddings and work hard to provide excellent services to facilitate. For couples who want to take the stress out of planning your big day, look for holistic wedding packages that cover accommodation, food, entertainment, a wedding coordinator, photography, decorations, minister or celebrant, massages, hair and makeup, staff and transfers. Now you can enjoy your special day, fuss free! 3. Picturesque Memories This may be stating the obvious but Fiji is a beautiful country and serves to be an idyllic backdrop for your wedding. Your wedding photos alone will speak more than a thousand words and spark wedding envy in every way possible. Picture having the ceremony on the beach, underneath a floral wreath in the early afternoon as the sun begins to set over the horizon. Every moment you spend in Fiji (from the lead up, to the big day, to post-wedding) will feel incredible as you wake up to palm trees, luscious greenery and the clear blue ocean. 4. Be Different Cloud 9, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji If a traditional wedding isn’t what you’re after, Fiji also provides other wedding alternatives to consider, such as the newly built Cloud 9. Experience the most special day of your life in the middle of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by clear, turquoise blue water and neighbouring islands on a two level floating platform. Opt for a laidback wedding ceremony on this floating island and allow your guests to change into their swimsuits afterwards to enjoy the day in the sun with water sports, wood fire pizza and an open bar. 5. Two for One Likuliku Island Resort, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji Having a destination wedding in Fiji means that you can enjoy your honeymoon immediately after matrimony. Wedding packages often include accommodation in luxury suites with private balcony dinners and couple’s massages, which makes the transition into marriage life very comfortable. You can also take this time to explore other islands in Fiji, which are designed for honeymooners and adults only. Paradise is served best at the Likuliku Lagoon resort, which houses villas hovering over the clear waters. This is the ideal honeymoon spot, with privacy, intimacy and snorkelling right at your doorstep. 6. An Exotic Experience Want your wedding to be unconventionally memorable? Fijian wedding packages offer the option to include exotic, cultural practices. This could include a singer, Fijian choir, tribal drumming ritual, Polynesian fire dancing or dining lovo style, where food is prepared in hot rocks submerged in the earth and steamed to perfection. Taking this path will give a whole new meaning to having a destination wedding. 7. Adventure & Fun With Your Nearest & Dearest Hilton Hotel, Nadi When else will you get the opportunity for friends and families to be in one place together for an extended time? Fiji isn’t just about white sandy beaches and basking under palm trees, it has so much more to offer. Integrate some action into your destination wedding by exploring various islands on day trips and go snorkelling to witness the expansive underwater oasis. Hotels will help organise day trips and activities at a discounted rate for groups. Organise for said activities pre or post wedding to extend the celebration with your closest family and friends. 8. Luxury & Privacy At It’s Finest The resorts in Fiji pride themselves on offering their guests a premium product and for those seeking to add a serious touch of luxury on their special day, this is the perfect location for it. Take your destination wedding to new heights by marrying on one of the spectacular Fijian islands. Many of these islands are adults-only and cater for a smaller amount of guests, providing unparalleled intimacy and seclusion. One of our favourite picks is Royal Davui Island – with only 16 villas available for guests. Each villa is fitted with a private plunge pool, spa bath, sun deck and wet bar, perched amongst surrounding reefs and islands. Celebrating the big day on your own private tropical island - it doesn’t get more luxurious than that. 9. The People What will make a destination wedding in Fiji even more special is by sharing it with the Fijians themselves. The Fijians are some of the happiest and friendliest people in the world and will go to great lengths to ensure your stay is perfect. Ask anyone who has travelled to Fiji and they will stand by this claim. It’s arguably one of the happiest days in your life and to celebrate it amongst the presence of friendly and joyful locals is a plus. 10. The Price Not to be ignored, weddings are expensive. The benefit of a destination wedding is that it is surprisingly more affordable than having it at home. When you decide on a package in Fiji the overall cost and stress is considerably less than doing it yourself. In Fiji, you have everything you need in one place. It may also be cheaper because of a smaller guest list, so you only have the very nearest and dearest of friends and family. To ensure that guests don’t spend more than they need to, recommend that their presence is their wedding gift.
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Getting married in Fiji - A wedding guide

投稿日 10 2 2015 Thousands of couples get married in Fiji each year, with some opting for an intimate beach ceremony or others choosing to share their big day with loved ones with a resort ceremony. There is a huge choice of wedding venues in Fiji, as five couples proved when they tied the knot onboard one of Fiji Airways’ flights, earning us a Guinness Book of World Records record for the world’s highest altitude wedding on an aircraft. While most couples don’t get married at 41,000 feet, destination weddings are growing in popularity, says Samantha Amjadali, wedding guru and Digital Manager at “In the past travel was quite expensive, so destination weddings were about the couple heading overseas for an intimate ceremony. Often none of their loved ones could afford to join them to witness their vows,” says Amjadali.  Things have, however, changed. “These days, with travel being so affordable, couples can still enjoy the romance and adventure of a wedding overseas, but with their friends and family present,” she explains.  Fiji is a popular wedding destination for Australian and New Zealand couples for a variety of reasons, says Amjadali: “Fiji is easy to get to, its affordable, the there is no language barrier, the food is magnificent and the scenery is literally paradise.” Fiji resort wedding packages Many resorts offer wedding packages, which include a wedding coordinator to take care of everything, from the ceremony to the menu. “All-inclusive packages take the burden of having to organise every last detail off your shoulders. Resorts like InterContinental Fiji offer some fantastic packages that offer lots of value,” says Amjadali. Local Fijian customs and foods Many packages can be tailored and Amjadali advises couples include some local Fijian customs in their ceremonies or serve local delicacies. “Consider serving some traditional food, such as slow cooked suckling pig or fish, which is barbequed for hours in a lovo (an underground pit). Have the whole Fijian experience,” she says. Having your own celebrant or minister “Some couples want a particular celebrant and they will fly them over to their destination wedding,” says Amjadali. Under Fijian law, a couple’s own celebrant can participate in the wedding vows but a local celebrant must solemnise the marriage and sign the marriage certificate. The legal requirements Before couples get caught up in planning every detail of their overseas wedding, they should first investigate the legal requirements. “Find out what the local marriage laws are and whether your marriage will be recognised in Australia or New Zealand. You may also need to do some paperwork beforehand, or get visas or inoculations,” says Amjadali. To get married in Fiji you need to apply for a marriage license ahead of the ceremony by providing: birth certificates passports if applicable, divorce certificate if previous spouse is deceased, a death certificate in some cases a Certificate of Single status is required, if the marriage is taking place between: a Fiji citizen and a foreign citizen, former citizens of Fiji or foreign citizens residing in Fiji A wedding coordinator will be able to help you with getting the wedding license in Fiji, but ask about this in the initial planning stages or you could run out of time once you arrive and not be able to marry. Are marriages in Fiji recognised in Australia? Marriages entered into overseas are generally recognised as valid in Australia, the Smart Traveller website advises. However, rules vary from country to country so be sure to check what rules apply to the country you’re intending to marry in. When to get married in Fiji The best time to visit Fiji is generally late March to early December. The wet season lasts from November to April when cyclones can occur. Honeymooning in Fiji After getting married in Fiji, it makes sense to extend your stay and indulge in a romantic honeymoon. In fact, Fiji is the second most popular honeymoon destination (after Europe) for Aussie couples, according to’s 2014 annual wedding survey. Amjadali says most couples are in need of rest and relaxation after their big day. “The wedding planning cycle is, on average, about 18 months. At the end of it, many people just want to relax.” Plan your wedding in Fiji is a one-stop online resource for wedding information, including apps, planning tools and a gift registry.  Getting to Fiji for a wedding Fly to Nadi or Suva with Fiji Airways. Check out our great deals and special offers with our partners Plan your Fiji wedding or honeymoon - Flights to Nadi -  Fiji Airways operates flights to Nadi daily from many international airports including flights from Sydney to Nadi, flights from Auckland to Nadi and flights from Hong Kong to Nadi.- Flights to Suva - Fiji Airways operates flights from Sydney to Suva and Auckland to Suva. Join BulaMail Be the FIRST to receive sale fare alerts and you will also have access to our monthly newsletter – Last Friday Bula! For Last Friday Bula, you will get exclusive, priority-access on the last Friday of every month to: Fiji Airways sales fares Limited time partner offers Inspiring ideas to help plan your holiday Exciting prizes and giveaways Join BulaMail!
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Getting married at the Bure ni Loloma

投稿日 21 10 2014 Bure ni Loloma - The Perfect Wedding Spot Located on the highest point of Outrigger on the Lagoon, Fiji, the Bure ni Loloma Wedding Chapel commands a sweeping panoramic view over the Coral Coast making it the ideal dramatic backdrop for your celebration. The Bure ni Loloma’s architectural design concept is based on a traditional Fijian village. Constructed entirely out of timber with polished hardwood floors and a vaulted ceiling built from traditional masi bark cloth, the venue is the perfect place for those looking to combine a modern wedding ceremony with the customs and culture of the Fijian people. Indeed, the Bure ni Laloma can cater for all types of exotic wedding ceremonies including a traditional Fijian wedding complete with Fijian dress and a four-warrior escort for the bride. Once the ceremony at the chapel is complete, guest can make their way to the Kalokalo Bar, also known as Star Bar, for an intimate reception. The reception area can cater up to 100 guests and is a great place to revel in the days previous events. Enjoy the glorious Fijian sunset over the water with a cocktail. In addition to the Chapel and Kalokalo Bar, the summit of Vakalomalagi Hill is also home to the award-winning Bebe Spa Sanctuary. This haven for rest and relaxation focuses on uniting ancient traditional Fijian therapies and beauty rituals. It is the perfect destination for newly-weds to begin their honeymoon with a post-wedding pamper package and massage. The Bure Ni Loloma has a number of different wedding packages to suit all types of guests and budgets. These packages can include: Exclusive use of the Chapel for the duration of the wedding ceremony Marriage Licence from the local authorities; includes cost of licence and transfers to the registry. Marriages in Fiji are recognised worldwide Wedding Co-ordinator Church Minister or Celebrant Bouquet and Tiara for the Bride Buttonhole for the Groom Tropical Flower Arrangement Wedding Cake (Two Tiers) Bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne Trio of Serenaders Romantic Dinner for Two Romantic Breakfast in Bed VIP Status Fiji Airways flies to Nadi daily from Sydney, Auckland and Brisbane and three times a week from Los Angeles, Honolulu, Hong Kong and Melbourne. Getting there and away -    Fly to Suva with Fiji Airways and take an approximately 3 hour drive to Coral Coast from Nausori Airport -    Fly to Nadi with Fiji Airways and take a scenic 1 hour drive from Nadi Airport along the Queens Highway
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Your dream wedding on Fiji's Mana Island

投稿日 19 9 2014 Imagine yourself in a flowing white dress, frangipani in your hair, sandals on your feet and sunshine second only to the beaming smiles of your friends and family, as you walk hand in hand along a white sandy beach with your soon to be partner for life. Have you dreamed of marrying your loved one on a gorgeous remote island in the South Pacific’s Fiji? Then look no further then Mana Island. It’s nature in its most elegant form with a clear crystal sea spreading for miles around the green island fringed by white sandy beaches and coconut palms. It’s the Fiji you’ve always read about and an exquisite backdrop for any wedding or honeymoon. Mana Island Resort Mana Island Resort is placed on the picturesque Mana Island and has all the facilities needed to cater to your special day. From romantic honeymoon and beachfront bures (Fijian for a wood and straw hut) to a luxurious spa offering treatments that will get you ready for your special day.  The staff are extremely hospitable and will go out of their way to make sure that you have everything that you need. The resort and island provides a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos; with endless opportunities for priceless photos. Picture the moments being captured as you hold your loved one on the beach at sunset with canoes rocking in the background or as you make your way down the long jetty that casually runs across the beach and into the mesmerizing unspoiled water. On Mana Island, the choice is yours between a chapel or beachside wedding. The seaside chapel sophisticatedly blends traditional and contemporary architecture and sits by a stunning tropical garden providing the perfect intimate setting for those looking to wed. For those whose hearts lie by the ocean, a beachside wedding provides a popular option. With the sounds of crashing waves and the fragrant smell of the sea, you’ll be sure to have a wedding showcasing Fiji’s remarkable beauty.  Whatever option you choose you’ll be sure to have a wedding that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.  Getting there and away You can fly to Nadi with Fiji Airways. From Nadi Airport, take a 20 minute drive to Port Denarau where catamarans depart three times daily. Alternatively, you can choose to charter a 15 minute seaplane or helicopter flight. Organise your Fiji Wedding Flights to Nadi -  Fiji Airways operates flights to Nadi daily from many international ports including flights from Sydney to Nadi,flights from Auckland to Nadi, flights from Los Angeles to Nadi and flights from Hong Kong to Nadi.
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