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Flight Travel Alerts

Statement 2: FJ822

11 October 2017

The aircraft landed normally and passengers disembarked via the aerobridge into the terminal. All customers were assisted with onward bookings and offered other assistance as required. The B737-700 was fully serviceable at departure from Christmas Island. Our Engineering team are working with Boeing to return the aircraft to active service.

Statement 1: Issued 8:20 am (Fiji Time) For FJ822

11 October 2017

Fiji Airways can confirm that its flight FJ822 Christmas Island – Honolulu service today, a Boeing 737-700 with 73 passengers and 6 crew on board, experienced a loss of pressurisation due to an engine air-system fault. The crew followed standard operating procedures and made a rapid descent to 10,000 feet, and updated Air Traffic Control at Honolulu airport. Oxygen masks were deployed due to the loss of cabin pressure. The aircraft is currently on route to Honolulu with a normal landing expected. We are closely monitoring the situation and will assist guests in every way possible.

Fiji Airways statement on fuel shortage on Tuvalu

28 September 2017

Fiji Airways passengers travelling to Funafuti, Tuvalu may experience disruptions to their flight, including passenger denied boarding and baggage offloads, due to the unavailability of fuel supply on the island. The issue has been ongoing since last week. The shortage of aviation fuel supply means that the aircraft needs to carry sufficient fuel for the return journey and therefore requires the extra weight.

The next shipment of aviation fuel replacement stock is expected to arrive on October 5th. Until then, the current contingency of carrying return fuel will remain in effect, with the expected passenger and baggage offloads as required to operate the flight safely.

Fiji Airways Executive General Manager Corporate Affairs, Ms. Shaenaz Voss said: “We acknowledge it is unfortunate but a necessary step we must take in order to operate the service. This is an issue we continue to face and have highlighted to the Tuvalu Government to address. We apologise to our passengers who may face disruptions to their travel plans due to this fuel issue which is out of our control.”


Jet Fuel Shortage Issue To Affect Some Fiji Airways Flights

20 September 2017

Fiji Airways guests travelling to and from Auckland may experience disruptions and delays to their flight due to restrictions on jet fuel supply at Auckland Airport. An enforced shortage on fuel supply to airlines operating out of Auckland means Fiji Airways may have to divert aircraft to other airports to pick up fuel, combine or even cancel flights.

Fiji Airways Executive General Manager Corporate Affairs, Ms. Shaenaz Voss said: “This is a challenging issue not just for Fiji Airways but all other airlines operating to/from Auckland. Restricted supply means we only receive a percentage of the fuel we usually carry. While we will work hard to minimise inconvenience to customers, in some cases we may have no choice but to combine or cancel services, or divert flights to other airports to refuel causing longer flight times. Fiji Airways will endeavour to contact affected passengers and advise them of their flight changes where possible. Guests travelling to/from Auckland over the next two weeks are also requested to check if their flight departure/arrival times are affected by visiting the Flight Status section of our website or by contacting our Reservations Centre. We apologise to all affected guests for any disruptions to their travel plans due to the fuel shortage at Auckland Airport, which is beyond our control.”

Fiji Airways Flight Status-
Fiji Airways Reservations numbers- Calling from Fiji: +679 672 0888 or +679 330 4388, Calling from New Zealand: 0800 800 178
For further details and background, please see this statement from the Board of Airline Representatives New Zealand Inc. (BARNZ).

Fiji Airways statement on U.S Travel restrictions

31 January 2017

Fiji Airways wishes to advise customers affected by the change in United States entry conditions to contact the airline to explore their options. These include either refunds or a change of destination on our network. Those who seek clarification on whether the restrictions applies to them should contact their nearest United States Embassy or Consular Office.

We are available 24 hours a day to assist you with your queries. You can contact us on any one of the below numbers:

Calling from Fiji: +679 672 0888 or +679 330 4388
Calling from Australia: 1 800 230 150
Calling from New Zealand: 0800 800 178
Calling from the USA and Canada: 1 800 227 4446
Calling from Mainland China: 400 120 6268
Calling from Hong Kong: +852 3192 7568
Calling from Singapore: 800 852 3666
Calling from Malaysia: 1 800 81 8186
Email -

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