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Fiji Airways Bula Bubble Campaign Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the package distribution channels?

Distribution will be through all Direct & Indirect Channels which include Fiji Airways, Participating Hotels websites and reservations, Travel Agents, Wholesalers and Online Travel Agents. It is important to have as many distribution channels as possible and not to disrupt the normal processes. Accordingly, wholesalers, retailers and online travel agencies (distribution partners) will continue to book the Airfare (air ticket) directly with Fiji Airways and the Hotel Holiday Package directly with the participating Hotel.

Fiji Airways and the participating Hotels are expected to individually conclude new arrangements (agreements) with the same distribution partners for the Fiji Airways Bula Bubble Campaign


2. What if I do not sell through wholesalers and agents, can I still sell this package via my website?

Yes, you can as long as you are able to package the holiday with a Fiji Airways Flight. To add a Fiji Airways flight to your package, you will need to connect to the Fiji Airways packaging system. You can do this through Fiji Airways Holidays (holidays@fijiairways.com)


3. Can I give blackout dates?

No. There will be no restrictions on dates however, participating hotels can yield manage based on availability and inventory control.


4. What rate should the 45% discount be based on?

The minimum discount of 45% will be based on the Participating Hotel’s average accommodation rates actually charged in 2019 (not rack rates).


5. Who gets the FJ $400 travel stipend?

The Travel Stipend of FJ $400 per passenger will be shared as


  • To Fiji Airways for the flights - FJ$170 per passenger; and
  • To Participating Hotels for the Holiday Package (accommodation, meals and beverages) – up to FJ$230 per passenger.


6. What’s the campaign duration? Between 3 to 6 months

The Fiji Airways Bula Bubble Campaign will be launched as soon as there is some certainty around the easing of border restrictions (e.g.  14-day quarantine requirements) and/or the commencement of the Bula Bubble Travel corridor with Australia and/or New Zealand.

The minimum sale period will be for three to six months with an option to extend this period based on prevailing market conditions


7. What discount is Fiji Airways offering

Fiji Airways is giving a discount of 45%.


8. Can guests change travel dates?

For ‘peace of mind’ should tourists be unable to travel or should Fiji Airways or a participating Hotel be unable to fulfill the Holiday Package, the passenger will be able to change the travel dates to any date up 31 December 2021 at no additional charge. This ‘peace of mind’ travel commitment will be subject to future availability.


9. What if I don’t have the full meal plan?

To give tourists alternative choices (options), participating Hotels have to offer the following options:

  • ‘Full-board’ Hotel Packages comprising accommodation, plus all meals (i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner), but not beverages;


  • ‘Fully Inclusive’ package, which includes ‘Full-board’ and Beverage packages (all beverages from 11am to 9pm).

These ‘full-board’ and ‘inclusive beverage packages’ must also meet the requirement of a minimum discount of 45% on the participating Hotel’s average accommodation rates actually charged in 2019 (not rack rates), as well as a minimum discount of 45% on the participating Hotel’s meals and beverage prices actually charged in 2019, before all the 2020/2021 National Budget tax reductions.


10. What are the minimum discount hotels need to offer?

The minimum discount for hotels is 45% off the Hotel’s average accommodation rates actually charged in 2019 (not rack rates)


11. How will I know that I have qualified for this package?

If you believe you meet the requirements of the Qualifying  Rules, please update the QR checklist that we sent to you and send it back to us on this email address provided (bulabubble@fijiairways.com) and we will reach out to each hotel individually to discuss the next steps.


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