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Fiji Airways and Fiji Link Report On-Time Performance for June 2014

Monday, 7 July 2014: Fiji Airways, Fiji’s National Airline, and Fiji Link, its regional and domestic subsidiary, today reported their June 2014 on-time performance (OTP) results.

Fiji Airways reported an on-time performance of 79.0%, compared to 80.0% in May, and 87.8% in April. Managing Director and CEO Stefan Pichler expressed disappointment at the airline’s slight drop in operational performance.
“This is not acceptable to us, to fall short of our monthly goal of 80% OTP”, he said.

“The results for June are driven by unanticipated crew sickness in the last 10 days of the month, along with a higher than planned attrition rate for B737 pilots. In the meanwhile, the situation has improved again, thanks to the hard work done by our operations support team.

They did miracles in rostering our crews! While we have worked hard to manage the disruptions by rescheduling flights, I’m well aware of the inconvenience this has caused our customers. I apologise to every single customer, and request for their forgiveness.”

“Internally we have now actioned a number of mitigation measures, so the on – time performance should improve again”, Mr. Pichler added. “We will always take a long hard diagnostic look when we don’t meet our targets.” In the last month, we also had a very heavy flight programme which added to the 1% miss-out on our target.”
Fiji Link continues its strong operational performance, reporting 92.98% for June, compared to 94.5% in May and 96% in April. The domestic and regional airline has reporting above 90% OTP for 2014.

The on-time performance for both airlines is available on the Fiji Airways website: /about-fiji-airways/on-time-performance/. OTP is a global airline industry benchmark which measures aircraft flight departures as being on time if they depart from the gate within 15 minutes of the airline’s scheduled departure time.

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