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By Mark Serpa Posted 25 Feb 2016

When you think tropical paradise, Fiji often comes to mind – and for good reasons too. Year-round the sun shines on this small yet larger-than-life island, which fathers over 300 smaller islands. Fiji isn’t just picturesque and Instagrammable from every corner. It’s also a one-stop destination for every type of traveller out there, from the adventure seekers, to large families, couples and those who simply want to laze around on the beach all day. If you need more convincing, here are 10 reasons why you should visit Fiji for your next dreamy island getaway.

1. Enjoy Luxury At Its Best

Looking to escape the crowds and your email inbox? Fiji boasts an impressive array of luxury hotels, resorts and villas, ideal for those seeking a private and picturesque getaway. Most of these resorts are perched comfortably over crystal clear turquoise waters overlooking sandy white beaches, making every moment of your stay Instagram worthy. Some island hotels are designed for adults only and offer a limited number of rooms and even butler service. If you’re looking to indulge and unwind, Fiji will be your best bet at luxury at its finest.

2. Experience Exotic Gastronomy

It’s always a bonus when your holiday destination is coupled with notable culinary delights. Being a tropical island, Fiji produces fresh fish, young coconuts, locally grown vegetables such as sweet potato, taro and cassava, as well as the exotic Noni juice, which is a highly nutritious source of antioxidants. Fijians also cherish their traditional cooking practices and prepare many of their dishes Lovo style. This is when meals are submerged in the earth surrounded by hot coals and steamed to perfection. Fijian cuisine also has an Indian influence and so curries are commonly spotted on the menu. Foodies rejoice!

3. Go Snorkelling Without The Hefty Price Tag

If snorkelling were a commodity, it would be hot property. In Fiji, there is so much to explore under the surface of the promised warm waters that won’t cost a fortune. Most of Fiji’s accommodation sits on the beach, so you never have to travel far for a chance to experience the spectacular under-water world. If you’ve ever wondered why water around the island beach resorts are clear as glass, it’s because of the shallow waters held in by the reef. As a result, many guests can swim out or be taken out by boat to the ridge of the reef where the sea life is rich and varied. Fiji is also home to the Great Astrolabe Reef, the world’s fourth-largest barrier reef, where you can swim with manta rays and turtles.

4. Relax With Ease

Fiji has been home to many films including Cast Away with Tom Hanks. This gives a good idea of how pristine and pure some of these islands can be. If disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and replacing it with peace and quiet sounds like your kind of Mecca, Fiji is sure to satisfy. Emersion begins when you take a boat out into the Pacific waters, passing all the nearby islands to get to your own. The sweet surroundings with hammocks neatly strung in between palm trees are your invitation to settle into a good book and a Pina Colada.

5. Witness A Friendly & Rich Culture

Visitors of Fiji will no doubt tell you that Fijians are some of the kindest and happiest people you will ever meet. They have great respect for their customs, which can be witnessed with their fire dancing performances, joyous singing and unified approach to welcoming people with a giant smile and the word for hello, ‘Bula’! You’ll feel right at home when you land.

6. Indulge In Spa Treatments

Fiji’s spas are unrivalled and can challenge some of the best in the world. Located in most resorts, anyone can visit a spa in one of these hotels and experience true relaxation. A spa experience is often ceremonial, starting with tea in the lounge to relax into the spa’s tranquil surroundings, a private shower to wash away the sand and any worries, and then the treatment in a breezy room with the sound of birds, wind rustling amongst the palm trees and breaking waves. For something a little more low-key, massages can also be found by the poolside at a lower cost.

7. Swim In Crystal Clear Waters Everyday

It’s not just the artesian bottled water visitors get to sample, but it’s the ocean water that is so desirable. During the summer months the water temperature can reach 30 degrees. However, the best time to visit is between March and December, as rain occupies most of the summer months. The water is pure, clean and clear, allowing for optimal visibility when diving, snorkelling or swimming.

8. Fun-Filled Activities For Every Type Of Adventure Seeker

Fiji isn’t just for those who like to bask in the sun all day. There are plenty of activities to choose from, available at the resorts or run by independent companies. For example, many hotels have their own golf course, tennis court, gym, lap pool and even mini golf. Other activities around the island include, hiking, water sports, jet boating, island hopping, zip lining through the forest and trips to local villages. There is truly something for everyone.

9. Family-Friendly Destination

If a family holiday is on the cards, Fiji is one of the best locations to travel to. Many hotels offer a Kid’s Club and nanny services, which works to satisfy the appetite of energetic kids and provide parents with some peace. The waters of Fiji are also very safe as well as protected, meaning the whole family can enjoy swimming and snorkelling without the fear of currents or waves. There’s even a full day Finding Nemo tour available, which will delight most kids.

10. Two Holidays in One

Fiji is located in the South Pacific and is often on the flight path for many destinations. If traveling across the South Pacific to the United States, New Zealand or Australia, Fiji may be the perfect pit stop before the main holiday. If you wish to start the holiday with a tropical touch, Fiji Airways is a global airline and travels to most international cities. Why have only one holiday when you can squeeze in two?

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