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Could Bat Islands Lover Grotto be Savusavu best kept secret?

By Naziah Ali Posted 12 Oct 2014

Savusavu on Fiji’s second largest island, Vanua Levu, is a destination well known to tourists seeking a relaxing tropical island vacation. The spectacular waters around the bay often hosts many watersports such as kayaking, sailing and fishing; while the interior of the island offers some of the best treks and water holes in all of Fiji.

However, if Savusavu residents were to share their best-kept secret in the region, it would undoubtedly be the sea cave on Bat Island. Aptly named the ‘Lovers Grotto’, this secretive swimming hole is an intimate, romantic and enchanting destination hidden away from the main tourist trails.


One of the more striking aspects of the ‘Lover’s Grotto’ at Savusavu is the luminescent quality of its water. The effect is imparted by natural light passing through the two openings of the cave, while the cave walls illuminate against the sun, giving it a magical feel as you look around in awe.

A rare natural beauty complete with beautiful rock formations and colors, the cave’s aquamarine pool immediately invites you for a swim. The water is so clear that you can easily see right to the bottom. Enjoy a refreshing swim amongst the tiny colourful fish, which call the Lover’s Grotto their home.

Bat Island itself is noted for some amazing rock formations and features created by the combined forces of seismic movements, wind and water.  The entire island has a striking bent folded rock formation that looks like wave crests carved out by the sea.

Join a guided walk or take time with a private guide to explore Bat Island to discover a range of species from seaweeds, shellfish, to starfish, crabs, prawns, small fish and wild goats that roam the island.

True to its name, you will also find a large number of bats on this uninhabited island.

Getting to Lover’s Grotto, Bat Island, Savusavu

You can kayak to Bat Island from Koro Sun Resort in Savusavu. A guided tour is complementary to house guests. It takes approximately 10 minutes Kayak to Bat Island at low tide.

Fly to Savusavu with Fiji Airways from Nadi or Suva. Once you have arrived, the resort is a short 15 minute drive from the airport.

Organise your Savusavu Island Holiday

Flights to Savusavu – Fiji Airways operates flights to Savusavu regularly from many domestic ports including flights from Nadi to Savusavu and flights from Suva to Savusavu.   

Flights to Suva - Fiji Airways operates flights to Suva regularly from many domestic and international ports including flights from Nadi to Suvaflights from Sydney to Suva and flights from Auckland to Suva

Flights to Nadi -  Fiji Airways operates flights to Nadi daily from many international ports including flights from Sydney to Nadi,flights from Auckland to Nadiflights from Los Angeles to Nadi and flights from Hong Kong to Nadi.

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