Travel Ready Check-List

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 Valid passport and visa (if required)

 Flight Tickets and relevant travel documents (saved in phone or printed)

 Check-in online and select your seat in advance (click here)

 Check health at least up to 48 hours before travel

 Travel insurance

 Update emergency contacts in booking (via Manage your booking or email Travel Agent)

 Download careFIJI app (click here)

 Download FijiTime inflight magazine

 Facemask (Disposable or reusable. At least two disposable one for long haul flights)

 Personal hand sanitiser (less than 3.4 oz or 100 ml)

 Zip lock bag

 Ensure you only have 1 piece hand carry (including handbags, laptop bags, baby bags)

 Check luggage weight

 Bag tags

 Travel adaptors (if required)

 Sunscreen (if required)

 Insect repellant (if required)

Select journey type

If you’re travelling with infant(s) under two years of age, or your infant turns two during your trip, please contact your local reservations office.