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Conditions Of Carriage

Conditions of Carriage

The Conditions of Carriage document provides general information related to booking and flying with Fiji Airways and Fiji Link. It’s important that you familiarize yourself with our general Condition of Carriage prior to booking.

Fiji Airways Conditions of Carriage 

Contingency Plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays

Fiji Airways, in compliance with 14 CFR Part 259, has adopted this contingency plan to mitigate hardships for airline passengers during lengthy tarmac delays. This plan applies to Fiji Airways’s scheduled and public charter flights at large, medium and small hub and non-hub U.S. airports where Fiji Airways operates.

Fiji Airways Contingency Plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays

Customer Service Plan

Fiji Airways, in compliance with 14 CFR Part 259, has adopted this customer service plan to monitor the effects of irregular flight operations on airline passengers and provide substantive responses to airline passenger complaints within the required timeline. This plan applies to Fiji Airways’s scheduled and public charter flights to large, medium and small hub and non-hub U.S. airports where Fiji Airways operates.

Fiji Airways Customer Service Plan

Booking Fee For Bookings Made Through Reservations Call Centre & Ticketing Office(Suva/Nadi)

From 1st June, 2019, Fiji Airways will introduce a booking fee for bookings made through its Reservations Call Centre and its ticketing offices in Suva and Nadi. However, customers will still be able to conveniently book tickets online through the Fiji Airways website and incur no booking fees. This will enable us to continuously meet and exceed our customers’ expectations via improved infrastructure, service quality and delivery.

Details of the booking fees can be found below:
View the schedule of fees for the following country/territory

Fee per Passenger per Booking
Country  Domestic International
Fiji FJD$10 FJD$20
Australia AUD$10 AUD$20
New Zealand  NZD$10 NZD$20
United States USD$10 USD$20
United Kingdom  GBP£10 GBP£20
Europe EUR€10 EUR€20
Singapore  SGD$10 SGD$20


Tariffs contains the detailed terms and conditions of carriage which have been filed with the relevant governing bodies. Fiji Airways is required to publish these rules for public review. Please select the item of interest, which will open a scanned copy of the filed Tariff conditions.

Table of contents rULE
Acceptance of Baggage FJ-44
Acceptance of Courier Shipments as Baggage FJ-52
Administrative Formularize – Passports, Visa and Tourist Cards FJ-21
Animals FJ-48
Application of Tariff FJ-14
Cabin-Seat Baggage and Charges FJ-51
Capacity Limitations FJ-26
Carriage of Physically Handicapped Passengers FJ-16
Checked and Carry-On Baggage FJ-50
Conditions and Charges for Acceptance of Special Items FJ-45, FJ47
Currency of Payment FJ-33
Definitions FJ-3,FJ-9
Denied Boarding Compensation FJ-37,FJ40-C
Denied Boarding Compensation Part II – Departing Canada FJ-37,FJ40-C
Dogs Trained to Lead the Blind/To Detect explosives/To Assist the Deaf/For Search and Rescue FJ-49
Electronic Surveillance of Passengers and Baggage FJ-15
Excess Baggage Charges FJ-55,FJ-56-A
Excess Value Charges for Baggage FJ-57
Extension of Credit FJ-32
Fares FJ-58-FJ-62
Free Baggage Allowance FJ-53-FJ54
Group Conditional Reservations from the U.S.A FJ-27,FJ-28
Liability of Carriers FJ-22,FJ-24
+[N]Navigation Surcharges FJ-18-A
Passenger Express EN route FJ-19
Refunds FJ-41,FJ43
Refusal to Transport – Limitations of Carrier FJ-17,FJ-18
Reservations FJ-25
Revised Routing, Failure to Carry and Missed Connections FJ-34,FJ-35
Routings FJ-64
Schedules, Delays and Cancellation of Flights FJ-36
Standard Format of Electronic Rules FJ-10,FJ-13
Stopovers FJ-63
Taxes, Surcharges FJ-20
Tickets FJ-29,FJ-31

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