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Things to Do in Fiji

Fiji. Four letters that conjure up visions of brilliant white sand kissed by a turquoise sea, golden sunsets and dazzling smiles. And for many visitors, that is exactly the attraction of a Fijian holiday. Balmy tropical days that revolve around the rising of the sun and the falling of the tide. Where the most troublesome questions you’ll face are what to order for lunch and whether shoes are required for after dinner dancing. It’s not a bad image.

But for others, one of the enticing attractions of a Fijian holiday is getting out and exploring the 300 or more Fijian islands that make up the island archipelago. A natural paradise basking in a tropical climate year round, even those who plan a tropical Fijian wedding usually combine their nuptials with nature. Tropical brides are spoilt for choice when choosing a romantic wedding and honeymoon package. Who could ever get stressed about planning a wedding in one of the friendliest countries in the Pacific? Grooms too will find a Fijian wedding combines perfectly with a honeymoon that includes a plethora of water-based activities for active newly-weds. There are plenty of opportunities for long romantic beach walks too! Rising out of the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji has natural beauty in spades. It also has a vast tourism and transport network that enables visitors to easily move between islands. Fiji’s customs and traditions hail from a blend of Micronesian, Polynesian, Melanesian and Indo-Fijian cultures, making it an ethnic crossroads of the Pacific. As you move about the islands you’re likely to encounter Fijians of varied cultural backgrounds.

Whether you’re a first time visitor or a long time Fiji aficionado, Fiji’s charm is hard to ignore, with the sweet aroma of frangipani wafting across the arrival hall as you clear Customs and Immigration. The garden island of Taveuni lures those who seek natural beauty with national parks, waterfalls and hiking trails shaded by lush rainforest. Bordering the Somosomo Strait, divers and snorkelers also flock to northern Fiji for stunning underwater landscapes populated by vibrant coral gardens and kaleidoscopic tropical fish. This stretch of water appears on many scuba divers ‘Bucket Lists’ Fertilised by a fertile current that runs between Taveuni Island and the east coast of Vanua Levu Island, fishermen would be hard pressed to find superior fishing grounds. But as you would expect from an island nation, fishing opportunities are actually bountiful country-wide.

South Pacific Ocean swells disperse their power on fringing reefs creating a haven for surfers from first timers through to internationally awarded pros. Outer islands attract most interest from surfers, with the Mamanuca Island group easily accessible from mainland Viti Levu.

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