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You can request your preferred seat online using the “Manage your booking” option. Simply enter your booking details in the left side panel on this page to retrieve your itinerary and click the “Select seats” option. Whilst we will do our very best to fulfill your preferred seating request, Fiji Airways reserves the right to assign you to a different seat. Your actual allocated seat for the flight will be confirmed at check-in.


Bulkhead Seats Exit Seats Up Front Seats

Bulkhead Seats

Economy cabin seats in the front of the cabin with more legroom to stretch. Highly recommended if you are tall and want to be amongst the first to board, disembark or experience our inflight service.

Exit Seats

With more room to stretch, these seats are situated either next to, adjacent to or immediately behind an Emergency Exit Door, have more legroom and are subject to certain conditions.

Forward Seats

Be among the first economy passengers to experience our Fijian hospitality and disembark from a flight. Affordable and ideal for transiting passengers

Exit Seats Up Front Seats  

Standard Seats

Located after the Forward Seats. Book early to get a seat up the front if you need to be among the first to disembark.

Bassinet Seats

A customer travelling with an infant will be required to purchase the bulkhead seat and call Reservations to book the bassinet facility. If you fail to secure a bassinet during booking, our airport staff will allocate one, subject to availability.


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