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Repatriation flight for Australia and Fiji Citizens – November 2020

Fiji Airways will operate repatriation flights between Nadi and Brisbane, and from Nadi to Sydney in November 2020, allowing Fijian and Australian citizens as well as approved non-citizens to travel to their respective destinations.

The flights will operate as follows:

Date Flight Number From To Departure Time Arrival Time
11 November FJ 1911 Nadi (NAN) Sydney (SYD) 9.00am (FJT) 12.40pm (AEDT)
12 November FJ 1921 Nadi (NAN) Brisbane (BNE) 10.30am (FJT) 12.35pm (AEST)
18 November FJ 1911 Nadi (NAN) Sydney (SYD) 9.00am (FJT) 12.40pm (AEDT)
22 November FJ 1921 Nadi (NAN) Brisbane (BNE) 8.30am (FJT) 10.35am (AEST)
22 November FJ 1920 Brisbane (BNE) Nadi (NAN) 12.05pm (AEST) 5.45pm (FJT)

Guests can book tickets for the flight online at or by calling the airline’s Reservations Centre. Guests holding unused Fiji Airways’ tickets for flights between Nadi-Sydney and Nadi-Brisbane are also able to book themselves on these flight by contacting Fiji Airways Reservations. Please note that limited seats are available on all repatriation flights, per Government directives.

Fiji Airways’ international flights operate under the airline’s Travel Ready programme, which is designed for air travel in a COVID-19 world. Travel Ready has numerous precautions and medical safeguards in place to protect customers and staff alike. Please familiarise yourself with our Travel Ready Programme here, and find out all the changes you can expect when flying with Fiji Airways. These actions are in place for your safety and wellbeing.

Travel Ready requires customers to bring their own facemasks with them when they come to the airport, practice physical distancing in queues and public seating areas, and undergo regular temperature-screening (along with other COVID-symptoms’ screening). Please ensure you are ready for your flight, to avoid inconvenience at the airport.

Australia and Fiji have strict entry and quarantine requirements in place for all travellers. Guests are requested to ensure they understand and comply with these. Some requirements are listed below, however, it remains the responsibility of travellers to ensure they satisfy all requirements of the destination country.

Important Information for Travellers to Australia

Entry to Australia

Only Australian citizens and returning permanent residents and their immediate family members are permitted to enter Australia without an exemption until further notice.

Quarantine Arrangements

All international travellers entering Australia need to undertake a mandatory 14-day quarantine at a designated facility (for example a hotel) at their port of arrival. This is arranged by individual State and Territory governments.

New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland (QLD) have introduced charges for mandatory quarantine and other requirements (testing and screening) for all arriving travellers:

Australian authorities have also provided an ‘Information for international travellers fact sheet’ to all travellers on arrival in Australia. This provides information on current requirements.

Transiting Australia

The Department of Home Affairs website sets out information on transiting Australia, including on transit visas. There are currently restrictions on transits due to coronavirus.

You are able to transit through Australia if transiting for 8 hours or less and you have evidence of onward international travel. Fiji Airways passengers transiting through Sydney on this flight will have their bags checked through to their onward destination. They will not have access to their checked-in luggage in Sydney.

Restrictions on Australian citizens and permanent residents planning to depart Australia

Australian Citizens and Australian Permanent Residents require permission (special exemption) from the Australian Government to leave Australia. Only those who are granted an exemption will be allowed to depart Australia. For more details and links for exemption applications, please click here.

Important Information for Travellers to Fiji

The Fijian Government has set out specific guidelines for entry into Fiji at this time. Please visit this Government website for all relevant information and entry requirements. Only Fiji citizens (Fijian passport holders) are able to enter Fiji at this time. Non-Fijian citizens (those that do not hold a Fijian passport but have a special permit) require approval from the Office of the Prime Minister for entry into Fiji. Contact the Office of the Prime Minister by emailing Non-Fijian citizens must have written permission from the Fijian Government before being accepted on the flight.

All arriving travellers must have documented proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 Test. This must be by way of a swab test, which is taken no earlier than 72 hours prior to departure date. See details of accepted tests here: To assist travellers coming from Brisbane to Fiji, the following facilities in Queensland carry out tests per Fijian Government requirements:•

Other tests from Government facilities may also be accepted.

All arriving travellers must got into mandatory quarantine upon arrival at a Fijian Government-selected facility for 14-days. They will be unable to go to their homes or residences. All arriving travellers will also be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival into Fiji and on Day 12 of their quarantine.

Fijian citizens

Non-Fijian Citizens

Per the directive of authorities, transit passengers cannot be uplifted on repatriation flights to Fiji.


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