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Fiji Airways & Tourism Fiji Partner to Bring the Bulanaires onboard

4 March 2020: Fiji Airways, Fiji’s National Airline, has partnered with Tourism Fiji for the next phase of its Bulanaire campaign, bringing it to life inflight. Travellers can experience the famed Fijian hospitality of the cabin crew and learn about the happiest parts of Fiji via the Bulanaires.

Throughout the months of March and April travellers onboard Fiji Airways flights will be able to engage with the Bulanaires through the inflight entertainment system and the airline’s award-winning magazine, FIJITIME.

Of the partnership, Fiji Airways Executive General Manager Corporate Affairs Ms. Shaenaz Voss said, “Fiji Airways is thrilled to have partnered with Tourism Fiji, as the national carrier we are proud to welcome the Bulanaires on board. For our guests, the holiday starts the moment they step onboard the aircraft, with the help of our world famous cabin crew and state of the art fleet, passengers are more than just a seat number but a part of the extended family”.

Bulanaires is all about celebrating Fiji’s strongest assets, its culture and happiness. Our cabin crew are renowned for their hospitality so it was only natural that we brought elements of Bulanaires to the inflight experience to tie it all together.”

The Fiji Airways cabin crew were awarded “Best Airline Staff in Australia Pacific” at the 2019 Skytrax awards, a reflection of how the airline takes famous Fijian hospitality around the world.

Tourism Fiji and its partners will launch the campaign in March, where travellers will be able to enjoy complimentary add-ons at many resorts and hotels, with activities such as extended happy hours and complimentary massages.

Tourism Fiji Chief Executive Officer, Mr Matthew Stoeckel said, “The Bulanaires campaign celebrates people rich in happiness and our 2020 program celebrates and recognizes the hard-working heroes of our tourism industry - our frontliners. We’re pleased to partner with Fiji Airways to celebrate our Bulanaires and help us to promote Fiji as the place where happiness finds you.”

March is prime time to visit Fiji, often hailed as the happiest place on earth, with great weather and golden sunsets. Australian travellers can experience the famous Fijian hospitality quite easily with the island paradise being just a short three or four hour flight from major airports. 

For more information about Fiji Airways please visit https://www.fijiairways.com/. For more information on the Bulanaires programme please visit www.bulanaires.com



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