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Getting married in Fiji - A wedding guide

By Glen Smith Posted 10 Feb 2015

Thousands of couples get married in Fiji each year, with some opting for an intimate beach ceremony or others choosing to share their big day with loved ones with a resort ceremony. There is a huge choice of wedding venues in Fiji, as five couples proved when they tied the knot onboard one of Fiji Airways’ flights, earning us a Guinness Book of World Records record for the world’s highest altitude wedding on an aircraft.

While most couples don’t get married at 41,000 feet, destination weddings are growing in popularity, says Samantha Amjadali, wedding guru and Digital Manager at EasyWeddings.com.au.


“In the past travel was quite expensive, so destination weddings were about the couple heading overseas for an intimate ceremony. Often none of their loved ones could afford to join them to witness their vows,” says Amjadali. 

Things have, however, changed. “These days, with travel being so affordable, couples can still enjoy the romance and adventure of a wedding overseas, but with their friends and family present,” she explains. 

Fiji is a popular wedding destination for Australian and New Zealand couples for a variety of reasons, says Amjadali: “Fiji is easy to get to, its affordable, the there is no language barrier, the food is magnificent and the scenery is literally paradise.”

Fiji resort wedding packages

Many resorts offer wedding packages, which include a wedding coordinator to take care of everything, from the ceremony to the menu.

“All-inclusive packages take the burden of having to organise every last detail off your shoulders. Resorts like InterContinental Fiji offer some fantastic packages that offer lots of value,” says Amjadali.

Local Fijian customs and foods

Many packages can be tailored and Amjadali advises couples include some local Fijian customs in their ceremonies or serve local delicacies. “Consider serving some traditional food, such as slow cooked suckling pig or fish, which is barbequed for hours in a lovo (an underground pit). Have the whole Fijian experience,” she says.

Having your own celebrant or minister

“Some couples want a particular celebrant and they will fly them over to their destination wedding,” says Amjadali.

Under Fijian law, a couple’s own celebrant can participate in the wedding vows but a local celebrant must solemnise the marriage and sign the marriage certificate.


The legal requirements

Before couples get caught up in planning every detail of their overseas wedding, they should first investigate the legal requirements.

“Find out what the local marriage laws are and whether your marriage will be recognised in Australia or New Zealand. You may also need to do some paperwork beforehand, or get visas or inoculations,” says Amjadali.

To get married in Fiji you need to apply for a marriage license ahead of the ceremony by providing:

  • birth certificates
  • passports
  • if applicable, divorce certificate
  • if previous spouse is deceased, a death certificate
  • in some cases a Certificate of Single status is required, if the marriage is taking place between: a Fiji citizen and a foreign citizen, former citizens of Fiji or foreign citizens residing in Fiji

A wedding coordinator will be able to help you with getting the wedding license in Fiji, but ask about this in the initial planning stages or you could run out of time once you arrive and not be able to marry.

Are marriages in Fiji recognised in Australia?

Marriages entered into overseas are generally recognised as valid in Australia, the Smart Traveller website advises. However, rules vary from country to country so be sure to check what rules apply to the country you’re intending to marry in.

When to get married in Fiji

The best time to visit Fiji is generally late March to early December. The wet season lasts from November to April when cyclones can occur.

Honeymooning in Fiji

After getting married in Fiji, it makes sense to extend your stay and indulge in a romantic honeymoon. In fact, Fiji is the second most popular honeymoon destination (after Europe) for Aussie couples, according to EasyWedding.com.au’s 2014 annual wedding survey.

Amjadali says most couples are in need of rest and relaxation after their big day. “The wedding planning cycle is, on average, about 18 months. At the end of it, many people just want to relax.”

Plan your wedding in Fiji

EasyWeddings.com.au is a one-stop online resource for wedding information, including apps, planning tools and a gift registry. 

Getting to Fiji for a wedding

Fly to Nadi or Suva with Fiji Airways. Check out our great deals and special offers with our partners

Plan your Fiji wedding or honeymoon

Flights to Nadi -  Fiji Airways operates flights to Nadi daily from many international airports including flights from Sydney to Nadi, flights from Auckland to Nadi and flights from Hong Kong to Nadi.

Flights to Suva - Fiji Airways operates flights from Sydney to Suva and Auckland to Suva.

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