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Customer Advisory on new Cabin Baggage Policy

Fiji Airways acknowledge recent public concerns by its guests regarding the recent reinforcement of its cabin baggage (also referred to as hand-carry baggage) policy.

Customers are very welcome to bring items of cabin baggage onboard our aircraft, and the safe and convenient stowage of that cabin baggage remains a key priority.

It’s safer for everyone if all cabin bags fit easily in the overhead compartments, and within the weight limits of those lockers, allowing the lid to close securely. It’s also more convenient when customers can access their bags easily in-flight within the direct vicinity of the seat they occupy. Often, bags have needed to be stowed some distance away from their owner as a result of the number of over-sized bags in overhead lockers. Our customers have told us this leads to anxiety and inconvenience, particularly where it becomes necessary to remove a customers’ bag from the aircraft cabin and stow it into the hold. Our aim in managing cabin baggage is to improve not only safety, but to deliver a better customer experience.

That said, Fiji Airways listens to customer feedback and we look to incorporate this into our processes and procedures wherever possible. As a result of reviewing feedback about our policy, we have now revised the allowable size allowance for cabin baggage. Our policy and allowances now match or give a more generous allowance than other airlines as well as those recommended by IATA.

All Economy passengers are allowed one piece of cabin baggage not exceeding 55cm X 40cm X 23cm (118cms in total dimension).

All Business passengers are allowed two pieces of cabin baggage, each not exceeding 56cm X 45cm X 25cm (126cms in total dimension).

In addition, guests can also bring other personal items from the list detailed here www.fijiairways.com/flight-information/baggage-allowances/. This list is extensive and further recognizes the diverse needs of all our customers.

For customers who book to travel with Fiji Airways but start their journey with one of our codeshare partners, the codeshare partners’ baggage rule will apply throughout the entire journey.

In the case of codeshare flights that form part of an itinerary whose ultimate ticketed origin or destination is a U.S. point, the baggage allowances and fees of the marketing carrier (the carrier from whom you purchased your ticket) will apply throughout the itinerary.

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