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Pretty Little Liars Star Leaves Fiji Pretty Well Relaxed

By Shane Hussein Posted 19 Mar 2014

The star of ABC shows, ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and ‘Ravenswood’, Tyler Blackburn, recently escaped to Fiji after a hectic shooting season, courtesy of Fiji’s official airline, Fiji Airways, and Dolphin Island Fiji.


Photo credit: Tyler Blackburn on Instagram

Regarded as one of the brightest young talents on US television, Blackburn revealed in an interview with FijiTime, that the South Pacific archipelago had been on his vacation bucket list for years.

“I had always heard about Fiji but it seemed sort of like a magical land far away, and I never really thought I would go there,” said Blackburn. “And then I did some research and found it to be the utopia that I thought it would be.”


Photo credit: Tyler Blackburn on Instagram

Flying business class with Fiji Airways from Los Angeles to Nadi, Blackburn said he was blown away by the travel experience.

“(The flight) was amazing, very smooth,” explained Blackburn. “We checked in and then went to a lounge for the business class. Then we got on the plane and got comfortable immediately. It was amazing. The staff were very nice. It was a little preview of what to expect once we got here.”


Photo credit: Tyler Blackburn on Instagram

Blackburn revealed that he slept for over five hours on the newest edition to the Fiji Airways fleet, the Airbus A330 “As a passenger, sleeping on a plane can be very hard to do, but I just reclined the seat all the way down and passed out.”


Photo credit: Tyler Blackburn on Instagram

Upon arriving at Dolphin Island Fiji, Blackburn raved about the stunning surroundings. “I’ve never put my feet down in any more of a beautiful place. Since being here, I’ve been able to breathe. There’s a peacefulness and quietness to Dolphin Island. I hear birds and the water but those are the natural things in life, and that’s what’s so beautiful about Fiji.”


Photo credit: Tyler Blackburn on Instagram

Blackburn chatted candidly about his career aspirations, revealing he would be back for the next season of Pretty Little Liars but was also keeping his ear to the ground for new opportunities. 

“It’s fun to try new things,” said Blackburn. “I love every genre but I feel like a good action movie or show, or even a little bit of a thriller like The Walking Dead, where it’s more physical and the stakes are really high and its action-packed, I think that’d be good.”


Photo credit: Tyler Blackburn on Instagram

Blackburn vowed to spread the word about the magic of Fiji to his friends and fans, which include a massive 1.06 million followers on Instagram and nearly 900,000 on Twitter.


Photo credit: Tyler Blackburn on Instagram

“I’ve been to other tropical places for vacation but Fiji is exceptional.

“If you want to feel completely relaxed and enjoy the beauty of live, then you need to come to Fiji. It’s so lush and green, it’s like a Utopia,” said Blackburn.


Photo credit: Tyler Blackburn on Instagram

“I’ll go away just knowing that I can come back to this place in my head and if I’m feeling stressed out, I can put myself back here.”


Photo credit: Tyler Blackburn on Instagram

If you feel the need to get some rest and relaxation and would like to stay where Tyler Blackburn stayed, why make Fiji your next holiday destination. To book your next flight, visit Fiji Airways booking page.

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