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Five things you must do in Fiji

By Shane Hussein Posted 24 Feb 2014

Five things you must do in Fiji

From aquamarine waters lapping against palm-fringed beaches, to balmy nights tinged with the scent of frangipani to spectacular sunsets and dazzling smiles – the languid islands of Fiji offer everything one could possibly desire in a relaxing tropical holiday. 

With over 300 islands to choose from spread over more than one million square kilometres of ocean, Fiji has far more to offer than just working on your tan. For those who wish to explore and experience more, there are many cultural experiences, natural attractions and adventures on offer. 

Here are five essential activities you shouldn’t miss out on when visiting Fiji:

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It’s said that over 500 years ago, men of the Sawau tribe of Beqa Island were given the gift of being able to walk on fire by an eel. Whether or not this wild tale is true, you can experience the unique and stirring ceremony of firewalking at Lalati Resort and Spa, where warriors tread barefoot over red hot burning embers from a lovo (earth oven) while shouting ‘O-vulo-vulo’.  Lalati Resort and Spa is located on Beqa Island, a 30 minute boat ride from the main island of Viti Levu and the capital city of Suva.

FirwalkingPhoto: Wikipedia

Kava Tasting

Fiji’s second-largest island, Vanua Levu, is one of the best places to experience a traditional kava ceremony. Take a tour of the village of Nukubalavu to take part in a sevu-sevu (gift giving) ceremony followed by kava drinking and a wild traditional dance performed by grass-skirted warriors. Kava is a tranquilising, non-alcoholic drink made from the root of a pepper plant, pounded in water in a wide wooden bowl then offered in a half coconut shell. This ceremonial preparation is the most honoured feature of the formal life of Fijians and is performed with the utmost gravity according to sacramental ritual. Traditionally, kava ceremonies mark important events. 


Fiji is renowned for its natural beauty and what could be more relaxing than taking a leisurely stroll through a beautiful botanic sanctuary?  One of the world’s most stunning gardens, the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, is located in the foothills of the Nausori Highlands, about a 10-minute taxi ride north of Nadi International Airport on Viti Levu. Created by the late actor Raymond Burr (of Perry Mason and Ironside fame), the gardens cover 20 hectares and feature more than 2000 different kinds of exquisite orchids and enchanting lily ponds. The gardens are open Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm. Entry is $FJD10. For a further fee of $FJD8 you can visit Burr’s house and enjoy a delightful afternoon tea.


Some of the best surf breaks in Fiji are off the island of Malolo in the Mamanuca group, just 15 minutes from Fiji International Airport. Many local resorts have boats to take surfers out to the surf breaks, which are a 12 to 20 minute ride off the coast. Cloudbreak is rated as one of the top waves in the world, and is a long, fast, barrelling left hand reef break. Famous for its near perfect shape and barrels, Restaurants break is a challenging ride suitable for experienced surfers only. Better suited to surfers of all ages and experience is Swimming Pools break, a right hander that can be surfed on almost all tides. 

Scuba Diving

The best diving in southern Fiji is at the Great Astrolabe Reef, accessed from Kadavu Island. Here you can dive in crystalline waters as manta rays glide gracefully over colourful reefs of hard corals. The best diving in Fiji is from April to October. There are many dive operators on Kadavu and Fiji Airways have regular flights from Suva to Kadavu.

This is a mere taste of the amazing experiences you could encounter on your Fiji holiday.


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