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Exploring Beqa island reefs with Sea Fiji Reefs

By Akuila Batiweti Posted 4 Sep 2014

An exciting underwater world awaits intrepid families and curious snorkelers in the pristine and turquoise waters off Beqa Island. Known as one of the best diving spots in Fiji, the reefs off Beqa are a spectacular place to see all kinds of exotic tropical fish, dolphins, sharks, turtles and even whales.

Grab the family and begin your adventure with a slow cruise out through Pacific Harbour, one of Fiji’s most popular ports, on the all new hydrofoil boat – the Sea Venture run by Sea Fiji Reefs. The boat looks like something from the future and has a huge 35ft glass bottom, perfect for viewing the reef below. It also sports one of the world’s largest optical viewing ports at the front of the boat so you don’t miss a thing both above and beneath the water.


Once past the heads, the hydrofoil rises out of the water and flies across the waves at a speed of 40 knots. It is definitely a thrill that anyone would love.

The captain of the Sea Venture knows all the best reefs and with the glass bottom viewing area, you’re able to see everything under water without getting wet. The water is so clear and beautiful that it will make you want to take a dip.

Thousands of fish and marine life spread out over a series of reefs, such as Shark Fin Passage, surrounding Beqa Island. The vivid colors and diverse marine life really make it a unique experience. The adventure does not end on the boat, you can also enjoy a swim or even snorkel around the shallow fringing reefs while exploring all that the Beqa reefs have to offer.


With all the adventures and activities that Fiji and Pacific Harbour have to offer, the Sea Venture trip is one that you need to add to your itinerary.

The expeditions to Beqa’s reefs occur twice daily departing at 8:30am and 11:30am as well as a night trip departing at 5:30pm. Sea Fiji Reefs also offers half day and full day charters that make the experience both unique and unforgettable.

Getting there and away

-    Fly to Suva with Fiji Airways and take an hour drive to Pacific Harbour from Nausori Airport
-    Fly to Nadi with Fiji Airways and take a scenic 2 hour drive from Nadi Airport along the Queens Highway

Organise your Fiji Adventure Holiday

-    Flights to Suva - Fiji Airways operates flights to Suva regularly from many domestic and international ports including flights from Nadi to Suva, flights from Sydney to Suva and flights from Auckland to Suva.
Flights to Nadi -  Fiji Airways operates flights to Nadi daily from many international ports including flights from Sydney to Nadi, flights from Auckland to Nadi, flights from Los Angeles to Nadi and flights from Hong Kong to Nadi.

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