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By Shane Hussein Posted 7 Feb 2014

The experience of flying business class with Fiji Airways is an experience like no other in the airline industry, as two travel journalists testified recently.

Winston Aldworth, travel editor for the New Zealand Herald, flew business class to Fiji on Fiji Airways’ brand spanking new Airbus A330-200 from Auckland to Nadi.

In short, he called the Fiji Airways flagship jet a ‘beautiful beast’, and we agree. Check out the full review of his Fiji Airways flight here: Winston Aldworth flies to Fiji aboard FJ410.

Likewise, professional travel writer for eTravel Business News, Robert La Bua, flew as a Fiji Airways Tabua Club member on our Airbus 330-200 from Sydney to Los Angeles and said that “travellers accustomed to Business Class will be impressed with Fiji Airways”.

Indeed, Mr La Bua noted the welcoming atmosphere created by the expert staff at Fiji Airways as well as and wide and comfortable seats within the cabin. “The personal space at each seat is well engineered and spacious, passing the elbow test (is the seat wide enough to allow elbows sit comfortably at your sides?),” said Mr La Bua.

“Come time to sleep on the overnight flight to LA, the seat was comfortable in its flat position and extended far enough so that the footrest did not limit legspace, as is often the case on other airlines.”

You can check out the full review of Mr La Bua’s flight from Sydney to Los Angeles and his stop-over at Fiji Airways Tabua Lounge in Nadi here: Fiji Airways Tabua Business Class Sydney to Los Angeles

Have you flown on our recent Airbus? We’d love to hear your experience.

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