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15 things to pack while travelling

By Fiji Airways Posted 17 Sep 2019

15 things to pack while travelling - according to the Flying Fijians (in no particular order)

  1. Smartphone - Whether it is to keep in touch, browse the internet, or keep in touch with family and friends, the smartphone is a must for the Flying Fijian on the go.
  2. Books - The long wait times between flights and other general downtime on the road can be a welcome time for the aspiring bookworms in the group who use this opportunity to get lost in the world of letters.
  3. Bible - It comes as no surprise that a team that wears their faith on their sleeve would consider a Bible to be an essential item to have on hand when travelling.
  4. Toiletries - While travel expands the mind and horizons of a person, it can also mean not having things that you may consider pretty basic. Things like your specific brand of deodorant may not be available so the players consider this an essential. After all, you want to be smelling your best, regardless of the climate.
  5. Comfort Foods and Snacks - Home is where the heart is. And the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Mixed metaphors aside, when in a country where the cuisine maybe a little too adventurous for the palate, a bit of comfort food goes a long way in making you comfortable. For a fair few of the Flying Fijians, these are things like breakfast crackers, Rewa (a local brand) butter, corned beef and even instant noodles! Don’t knock till you try it - they go together.
  6. Video Games - Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch; these are some of the consoles the players mentioned as being instrumental in helping them wind down. Mario Kart got a respectful shout out.
  7. Wallet - It’s where your money lives. At least, the cash version.|
  8. Casual Clothes - When not on the field, you need some casual clothes to visit the country you're in at your leisure. 
  9. Headphones and earplugs -  Whether it is to hear your media more clearly or block out the sound of people snoring on a plane, a good set of headphones does the job - or earplugs if it is just about blocking the noise.
  10. Family Photos - When the comfort food isn't enough, you want to have a sentimental link to back home. Huge, muscular and built like a locomotive doesn’t mean you dont miss the family.
  11. Sunglasses - You can block the harmful UV rays of the sun, or the nosy gaze of strangers. Important, either way.
  12. Tablet and laptop - To watch movies, read the news, play games. But mostly movies.
  13. Kava - You can take the Fijian out of Fiji but you can’t keep him from drinking kava. As essential to the Fijian identity as rugby, Kava is the perfect way to wind down with the boys.
  14. Rugby Kit - Uniform, boots, gumshield etc - A bit self-explanatory, but if you’re travelling as a Flying Fijian, you need your rugby kit. Strictly on field.
  15. Travel Documents -  A bit of a no brainer, you HAVE to have your travel documents. I mean, you COULD try entering another country without your passport but we wouldn’t recommend it.

And that's all the things you need to pack while travelling - if you’re a Flying Fijian. Happy travels!

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