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Pacific Sun, Fiji’s domestic airline, is proud to announce that for the first time since it began flying over five years ago, it has dramatically improved its operational performance, and the airline recorded industry-leading marks in on-time arrivals, fleet reliability, and completion factor in August.

Ms. Shaenaz Voss, Pacific Sun's General Manager, noted "this year's marked improvement in operational performance follows on the heels of some very poor results late last year and in January / February, so we are thrilled to let our passengers and the public know that we have fixed our fleet and restored reliability and consistency to Pacific Sun's operations”. 

"Our disappointing results six months ago were largely the result of our decision to prohibit 18-seat turbo-prop DH-6 Otter commercial flights in adverse weather until our entire DH-6 Otter fleet was equipped with weather radar systems, GPS, and new avionics equipment - equipment similar to that found in our much larger and much faster 42- seat ATR-42 turbo-prop aircraft; thus, we are equally excited to provide everyone with another update on our continual fleet investments to enhance airline performance - especially the extensive upgrades we are currently making to all of Pacific Sun's 18-seat turbo-prop DH-6 Otters."  

Remarkably, Pacific Sun’s on-time performance (OTP) for August was 96% with year to date overall OTP performance (January to August) at a record-high 88%. 

(OTP is an airline industry standard metric which measures aircraft flight arrivals as being "on time" if they arrive at the gate within 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time shown in the carriers' schedule.  Most airlines world-wide regard OTP performance at or above 80% as exceptional, and this new and sustained performance by Pacific Sun is a testament to the significant work done by the new team at Pacific Sun to ensure Fiji's domestic airline delivers the kind of service the public expects). 

In addition, Pacific Sun's Technical Dispatch Reliability (TDR) for August was 99.6% and Year-to-Date (April 2012 – August 2012) TDR performance was 99%.

(TDR is another world-wide airline performance metric that measures if an airline's fleet is "maintenance ready" for push-back and not delayed by mechanical or other technical issues). 

Finally, and equally notable, Pacific Sun recorded a record-high 98% completion factor from April 2012 to August 2012, meaning almost all of the airline's flights were completed as scheduled, and not cancelled due to maintenance or weather-related issues.  Thus, 98% of all passengers were carried to their destination as scheduled -- another significant accomplishment. 

The charts attached show a graph and table detailing Pacific Sun's dramatic and sustained improvement over last year - before fleet improvements were started. 

Ms. Voss added, "to ensure public visibility and continued focus on our dramatically improved performance, as our Board promised earlier this year, Pacific Sun will now report our internal airline performance metrics at the end of each month (as we did today to show August performance). We are doing this to thank our loyal customers and to show the public that we are confident we have finally addressed our fleet reliability and on-time performance issues; thus, we want everyone to know and see these internal metrics going forward, so they measure us accordingly.
Separately, Ms Voss also noted "I'm also pleased to report that Pacific Sun made a significant investment in additional avionics improvements to the first of our three 18 seat Turbo-prop DH-6 Twin Otter aircraft. Our remaining Otters will receive their upgrades in the coming months."

"The first plane to receive the new avionics and equipment upgrade was completed last week and after its approval by the Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji (CAAF), it was put into service flying passengers to Savusavu, Taveuni, Kadavu, Cicia, Lakeba, Vanuabalavu and Rotuma.” 


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