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Messages from people everywhere

Vinaka from Air Pacific for your kind words (Source: fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=228744)

* Indra Kumar, Scarborough, Canada

Go Fiji go!

* William Moreland, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

Congratulations Fiji Airways (Air Pacific). As a frequent visitor to Viti, it excites me to know that Fiji is now able to showcase even more of the warmth of Fijian culture to the world long before travellers touch down in paradise. This is a new beginning.

All my best wishes go out to everyone who has been involved in this great new adventure. For Fiji ever Fiji!

* Leba of Suva

Congratulations on the new Airbus! From Leba & Cama Vakayatu of Stage 2, Cunningham

Bula! Can't wait to board this new Airbus A330-200. Passengers will finally be able to experience world-class comfort and state-of-the-art cabins and in-seat entertainment.

* Seteo Tuta of Waila, Nausori

Fiji has reached another milestone in moving forward through technology. Having the first Airbus under her name is a very excellent achievement. Congratulations Fiji Airways!

* Alex Pene of Nadi

Congratulations to our very own Flying Fiji Airways, may you continue to promote and uphold the friendly and unique spirit we Fijians are known for and yes, continue to put that island spirit up there in the skies! Vinaka Air Pacific, Bula Fiji Airways!

* Sanjeet Prasad of Labasa

Let's be part of history making. Let's celebrate and welcome our new Fiji Airways A330 in Fijian style.

* Avikesh Narayan of Lautoka

I'd like to say thanks for writing Fiji on the belly of the A330-200. 15Mr. Iene of Lot 4, Malo Road, Davuilevu Fiji welcomes you home Airbus A330-200. Thank you Fiji Airways for giving us another reason to be proud of our island paradise, Fiji!

* Keshni Lata of Melbourne, Australia

Congratulations, well done Fiji.

* Bill, Mahns, Jane, Israel of Namuka-i-Lau District School, Lau

Sa malo bula! The students and teachers here at Namuka-i-Lau would like to welcome the new pride of Fiji that is now heading to our paradise. Go Fiji go!

* Arthur Edwards of Auckland, New Zealand

Congratulations to Fiji Airways on the acquisition of state-of-the-art plane. Best wishes in showcasing Fiji to the world!

* Roger Vakamoce of Kabul International Airport, Afghanistan

Welcome home baby, we are proud of you. Congratulations Fiji Airways for the new Airbus Boeing A330-200. Kabul International Airport Ground staff welcome you! All the best with all your fantastic destinations all over the world.

* Dinesh Kumar of USA

Pride of Fiji, our new Airbus. Welcome to your new home. Look forward to travelling with you soon.

* Liti Maramalevu of Weipa, Queensland

Congratulations Fiji Airways!

* Jayci Albert of Vancouver, Canada

Proud of Fiji and the new colours and name of Fiji's national airline. Congrats on the new plane.

* Mereseini Vunivota, Yaroi, Savusavu

What a blessing. I'm very proud of development taking place in my country. Thanks to you Fiji Airways.

* Rusiate Rokosiga of Waisoi Camp, Namosi

Welcome home A330-200. You make Fiji proud. One day I will fly with you around the world.

* Jay Shankar of Vancouver, Canada

My family and I are so proud to be Fijians. We can't wait to get a chance to fly on the new plane.

* Joe Bomal Carlo of Port Vila, Vanuatu

I am a ni-Vanuatu but proud and happy to be associated with Fiji Airways as I regularly travelled in the Heron aircraft to and from the Solomons where we attended King George VI College from 1965 to 1969. It took six hours from Vila, a far cry from today's jet travel. I agree Fiji Airways makes it truly authentic. From now on my travel connections to East or West will be through Nadi—in the comfort of a magnificient airline and on board service.

nAshwin Chand of South Sudan

Congratulations for the new bus in the air. All the best from peace-keeping officers from South Sudan.

* Raiwalui Family of Brisbane, Australia

Congratulations Fiji Airways on the new aircraft. Wananavu! Can't wait to travel in the new plane. Vinaka.

* Yunesh of Melbourne, Australia

Fiji Airways! Why did we not think of that name before? Congratulations!

* Semi Lalaqila, Kabul City , Afganistan

Welcome home Fiji Airways. We are proud of you. Can't wait to board in on my coming vacation to our beloved Fiji.

* Mere Ilivula of Colo i Suva, Forestry Qrts

Bula vinaka Fiji Airways!

* Manoj of Toronto, Canada

Congratulations to Fiji! I hope the new Airbus will be used to and from LAX.

* Millie Zender of Chicago, USA

Welcome home, way to go!

* Kanjana Kumar of Sydney, Australia

Congratulations Fiji Airways. Looking forward to travelling with you soon.

* Annie of Auckland, NZ

I'm very proud to be a Fijian living overseas. What an achievement! To rename Air Pacific—Fiji Airways and to use Taveuni and Namuka-i-Lau is a fantastic idea. You make us homesick

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