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Cheap Flights and Deals to Fiji

Fiji Airways offers cheap fares to Fiji and other destinations.


Departing Fiji

Fiji to Australia Fiji to Hong Kong
Fiji to New Zealand Fiji to Canada
Fiji to United States Fiji to Singapore
Fiji to Pacific Islands Fiji to Asia
Fiji to London  Domestic flights in Fiji
Fares departing Fiji  

Departing Australia

Brisbane to Fiji Brisbane to Pacific Islands
Sydney to Fiji Sydney to Pacific Islands
Melbourne to Fiji Melbourne to Pacific Islands
Adelaide to Fiji  
Brisbane to USA Brisbane to Hong Kong
Sydney to USA Sydney to Hong Kong
Melbourne to USA Melbourne to Hong Kong
Adelaide to USA  
Brisbane to Singapore  
Sydney to Singapore   
Melbourne to Singapore   

Departing New Zealand

Auckland to Fiji Auckland to Pacific Islands
Christchurch to Fiji Christchurch to Pacific Islands
Wellington to Fiji Wellington to Pacific Islands
Sale - Fly to Fiji  
Auckland to USA Auckland to Hong Kong
Christchurch to USA Christchurch to Hong Kong
Wellington to USA  Wellington to Hong Kong
New Zealand to USA  
Auckland to Singapore  
Christchurch to Singapore  
Wellington to Singapore  

Departing the United States

Sale - Fly to Fiji Sale - Fly to Australia & New Zealand
Honolulu to Fiji Honolulu to Pacific Islands
Los Angeles to Fiji Los Angeles to Pacific Islands
New York to Fiji New York to Pacific Islands
San Francisco to Fiji San Francisco to Pacific Islands
Honolulu to Australia Honolulu to New Zealand
Los Angeles to Australia Los Angeles to New Zealand
New York to Australia New York to New Zealand
San Francisco to Australia San Francisco to New Zealand

Departing the Pacific Islands

Pacific Islands to Fiji Pacific Islands to Australia
Pacific Islands to Hong Kong Pacific Islands to USA
Pacific Islands to New Zealand Pacific Islands to Singapore 

Departing Hong Kong

Hong Kong to Fiji Hong Kong to Pacific Islands
Hong Kong to Australia Hong Kong to New Zealand

Departing Singapore

Singapore to Fiji Singapore to Pacific Islands
Singapore to New Zealand Fares departing Singapore

Departing Canada

Vancouver to Fiji Vancouver to Pacific Islands
Vancouver to Australia Vancouver to New Zealand

Departing India

India to Fiji  

Departing London

London to Fiji  

Other Regions

Thailand to Fiji Indonesia to Fiji
Asia to Fiji  



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