Tabua Club Benefits

Tabua Club Membership benefits are designed to provide comfort and convenience for regular travellers on Fiji Airways flights.


Priority Flight Reservations

A priority flight reservation service ensures your bookings are taken care of promptly. You will be assigned a personalised profile which identifies you as a Tabua Club member and stores your personal preferences.

Premium Check-in

A ticket purchase with your Tabua Club membership allows you to check-in at the Business Class counter, even though you may be travelling in Economy Class.

Upgrade Credits

Earn an upgrade credit for each one-way international flight and you can redeem eight accrued credits for a Business class upgrade subject to availability of Tabua Club seats in Business class. Credits are accrued based on full revenue tickets purchased on international flights with an "FJ" flight designator. Credits can be redeemed for a Business Class upgrade if full revenue tickets are purchased on international flights with an "FJ" flight designator on a “FJ-260” ticket. Credits cannot be earned or redeemed on non “FJ” designated flights or on codeshare flights. You can rollover accumulated credits if you renew your Tabua Club membership prior to the expiry date. Note your accumulated credits are reset if your membership expires.

International Baggage Allowance

In addition to your 23kg international baggage allowance, you are entitled an extra 7kg check-in luggage. Your luggage is Priority tagged. We will endeavour to ensure they are among the first to be unloaded and where possible, offloaded from the luggage carousel and placed in an especially designated area near the carousel.

Business Class Check-in baggage allowance:

(1) To All destinations: 50 kg (maximum 30kg per bag).

(2) To/From Los Angeles: 4 pieces (maximum 30kg per piece).

Note: Redeemed upgrades are entitled to normal Business class baggage allowances

Airport Lounges

You have the use of our Tabua Lounge at Nadi International Airport and selected affiliated lounges overseas whenever you are departing on an FJ designated international flight (flight numbers starting with "FJ"), subject to space availability and lounge operating hours. Affiliated lounges currently include the Qantas Lounge in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland and Wellington, Air New Zealand Lounge in Christchurch, Premium Plaza/Travellers Lounge in Hong Kong, International Lounge in Los Angeles and Dnata Lounge in Singapore.

If you are ticketed on another airline or on a code share flight (i.e. a flight number that does not start with "FJ"), you can use the facilities and service offering in our Tabua Lounge in Nadi International Airport only, for a reduced fee of FJ$25.

Guest Passes

Guest passes are available for Tabua Club members who wish to take a guest into the Tabua Lounge at Nadi International Airport only. Guest passes are FJ$50 per person for Tabua Club members. Please note guest passes are currently not available at any other ports.

Membership Deals

There are special Tabua Club membership deals available for a Tabua Club Member’s spouse/partner, and for Corporate Members (a minimum of 5 members are required for a Corporate account).

Partner Offers

Tabua club members have access to savings and VIP privileges with selected partners in Fiji.


You may be a member of another airline’s loyalty program, including the Qantas Frequent Flyer, AAdvantage, and Alaska Airlines mileage plan. Please note that Tabua Club is not affiliated with any of these programs and Tabua Club benefits do not apply on these carriers.

Some airlines allow their members of their loyalty programs to redeem points on an "FJ" designated flight. If you are redeeming your loyalty points or benefits on an "FJ" designated flight, please note you are not entitled to Tabua Club benefits. For more information on your own loyalty membership benefits, please contact your respective loyalty service provider.

Rebated travel and codeshare flights, either operated by other carriers or with a flight number that is not "FJ" are also not eligible for benefits.

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