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2014 Media Centre

date headline
17 Apr 2014 Delays to Fiji Airways flights
16 Apr 2014 Fiji Airways And Etihad Airways Sign Groundbreaking Interline Agreement
15 Apr 2014 Fiji Airways Announces New Cargo Interline Deals
14 Apr 2014 Fiji Airways Staff to Earn a Share of 2013 Profits
11 Apr 2014 Fiji Airways reports a Group Profit After Tax of $14.5 million in Transition Year 2013
11 Apr 2014 Fiji Airways and Pacific Sun Improve On-Time Performance Again for March 2014
28 Mar 2014 Fiji Airways Kicks-Off Inspiring ‘Fly Like a Fijian’ Campaign to Support Rugby 7 Team
10 Mar 2014 Fiji Airways and Pacific Sun Report On-Time Performance for February 2014
28 Feb 2014 Fiji Airways Recognised Among the 2014 REBRAND 100® Global Awards Winners
24 Feb 2014 Fiji Airways Mid - Air wedding campaign recognised as finalist in top awards
14 Feb 2014 Fiji Airways Receives Double Wins in Global Accolades
11 Feb 2014 Fiji Airways and Pacific Sun Report On-Time Performance for January 2014
30 Jan 2014 Selected Domestic Fiji Flights Cancelled on 30 Jan 2014 due to inclement weather
23 Jan 2014 Airline Adds New Services to Enhance Regional Connectivity
10 Jan 2014 Fiji Airways Announces Details Of Five Year Strategic Masterplan
06 Jan 2014 On-Time Performance for December 2013
02 Jan 2014 Panel Of Lawyers

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