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Discovering Scuba Diving in Port Vila - Vanuatu
Posted 26 Apr 2016

If you are planning a visit to the Pacific Islands then Port Vila or Vila, as the locals call it, is a must see. Located on the picturesque island of Efate, Vila is the harbour side capital of Vanuatu. It offers the perfect Pacific Island getaway where first world worries seem to fade as you appreciate the simplicity of island life. The bright Melanesian smiles, laughter and incredible island hospitality do not give away the fact that the land and its people are still recovering from Category 5 Cyclone Pam that made landfall in March 2015. We spent seven days exploring Efate from Port Vila, so we’ve endeavoured to summarise our incredible diving experiences and hope that someday you’ll venture into Vila to make these your own.

9Hat Island

Big Blue Vanuatu

10Pauls Rock

Tranquil is the word that encapsulates diving in Vanuatu. Warm (29 degree Celsius), calm water with incredible visibility- this is every diver's dream. Having dived the SS President Coolidge at Espiritu Santo; spectacular dive sites accessible from Port Vila were a welcomed surprise in broadening the spectrum for diving in Vanuatu.

11Pauls Rock

The capital is located on the foreshore of Mele Bay which is host to a number of different dive sites – coral bommies, wrecks and caverns to name a few. So a double dive could be as easy as a half - day trip. ‘West side story’ and ‘Katlin Reef’ were two such dive spots and personal favourites of our local dive guides from Big Blue Vanuatu. It didn't take long to see why. With average depths of twenty- five metres, these sites were teeming with abundant marine life and healthy coral reefs. It seemed like every possible colour on a full colour palette was showcased. Big Blue Vanuatu is a fantastic dive operator with possibly some of the most experienced local instructors and divemasters in Vanuatu. However, if you’ve also got time for a day trip, plan to do some diving around North Efate.

Sailaway Cruises

6Hat Island

We had the luxury of two day - trips diving at sites off the outer islands of North Efate. Launching from Havannah Harbour which has its history embedded in World War II, this was only the start to a step in the past. A double dive on Sailaway Cruises gave us the opportunity to be drawn intently into the legend of Chief Roi Mata’s Domain. It encompasses the small coral island of Artok, or Hat Island which was the location of our first dive of the day. The island has been respected as sacred for over 400 years and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008 so the marine life around the island is flourishing. It was difficult to contain our excitement and anticipation on the 45 - minute trip across the harbour. However, the untouched beauty of Efate and Lelepa calmed our spirits and had us captivated as we sailed by.

 2Hat Island

Hat Island was more than we had imagined. It is a coral garden haven with spectacular coral in vibrant colours and types that we had never seen before. We soon learnt that we were privy to their vivid colours which were being strongly demonstrated as a result of unusually warmer water that was stressing them. Prolonged exposure would lead to irreversible coral bleaching unless cooler water washed through soon. Needless to say, this added to the appreciation by both divers and snorkelers alike.

 4Hat Island

Venturing into the depths at Hat Island, there are magnificent sea fans in places that Peter, our skipper and divemaster, knew exactly where to find. This was only the beginning as it felt like the second dive at ‘Paul’s Rock’ was even more breathtaking. Peter led us through a myriad of underwater topographies which included walls, swim throughs, gullies, coral and rocky reefs all on the second dive. The visibility at these sites was particularly spectacular on our trip so we managed to get some good pictures. However, as with all amazing dives, it could not have lasted long enough. The end of the dive gave us the appreciation of just how much of a vibrant underwater world there is to discover in contrast to the quiet serene beauty you ascend to.

5Hat Island

Tranquillity Island Eco Dive Resort

 13Tranquility Dive

If legends and sea fans aren’t enough to entice you, then maybe underwater hot springs and endangered Hawksbill turtles will. Our second day trip was to Moso Island, also off North Efate. There are beautiful dive sites in and around Moso Island that range to suit various diver capabilities and interests. We spent our first dive at a site called ‘Bottle Fish’ which sits outside the passage between Moso and Lelepa Island. Beautiful. The reef around this part of the island is vast with lots of macro subjects for the keen photographer. However, one of the most intriguing things was experiencing an underwater hot spring which Tommy, our divemaster, was keen to point out. It's a strange sensation putting your hand over what looks like a mini vertical cave and having it engulfed by warm water - magic. Similarly, sliding your hand under the sand in parts around the underwater hot spring provided a similar sensation of warmth. We thought this was quite a twist to visiting conventional hot springs anywhere on land.

12Tranquility Dive - Diving Bottle Fish

Our hosts for the day, Tranquillity Island Eco Dive Resort, had another treat for us when we got back to Moso Island. Tranquillity runs a voluntary Hawksbill Turtle Conservation Program with their very own, turtle rookery. They raise the baby turtles from hatchlings until they are about 30cm long when they are released into the ocean. Their Program tackles the statistic in which it is estimated that as little as 1% of hatchlings that develop in the wild, will survive to sexual maturity. This is a particular concern when Hawksbill turtles are critically endangered and face the very real risk of becoming extinct. The visit provided a good reminder that we all play a part in contributing to their survival. It is the small things like being conscious of rubbish in and around oceans (particularly plastic bags and straws), supporting the ban against catching and consuming turtle meat or eggs, and standing against the trade of turtle shells on the black market, that can make a difference.

 1Diving Bottle Fish - Tranquility Dive

Our second dive at White Rock, just off the shore of Moso Island, gave us a chance to appreciate just how important turtles are to the marine environment. We watched as a turtle intently ate sponges off the coral as we pass by on our drift dive. Unless turtles are around to perform this task, sponges would become overgrown and suffocate the coral which impedes coral growth. This is another reminder about how fragile the marine environment is. We conclude this dive with a sense of awe and intrigue having experienced another beautiful site in Vila’s underwater world.

Diving in Vanuatu is truly tranquil. If you ever have the opportunity to travel to Port Vila, it is well worth the trip. Each dive operator provides access to unique dive sites so regardless of who you choose or how much time you have- it is sure to be an adventure. On the days you’re not diving, there are lots of tours and local attractions worth visiting. We recommend Mele Cascades Waterfall, the Blue Hole, Pele Island and watching a performance by Vanua Fire.

8Pauls Rock

Article by Island Feet.

Fiji Airways flies twice weekly from Suva to Port Vila on Wednesdays and Sundays, and four times weekly from Nadi to Port Vila on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

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The Best Private Villas In Fiji For A Romantic Escape
Posted 21 Apr 2016

If your idea of the perfect romantic escape involves relaxing amidst a tropical paradise and waking up to the sound of waves, you need to keep reading. Whether it’s for a romantic honeymoon, to celebrate a special anniversary or simply to get away, Fiji will exceed your expectations in every way possible. Renowned for its azure blue waters and wide array of luxurious resorts and villas, Fiji offers couples unrivalled intimacy and privacy amongst a scenic backdrop.

Here’s our pick of the best private villas in Fiji, designed to make your romantic escape unforgettable.

Matamanoa Island Resort

Matamanoa Island ResortMatamanoa Island Resort

Matamanoa Island Resort is an adults-only haven, clad with native bush, palm trees and pristine coral reefs. No daytrippers or children under 16 are permitted on the island, making it ideal for couples looking for peace and tranquility amongst an unspoiled marine sanctuary. The beachfront villas are strategically positioned to face the glistening Pacific Ocean, and come with a private plunge pool, gazebo day beds, wet bar and outdoors shower.


For the ultimate luxury experience, the island’s Veidomoni Spa is located a short way up the hill with expansive views of the island and ocean. The spa has also been designed without walls so guests can enjoy the sounds and breeze of the sea while relaxing in a tranquil treatment.


Nestled amongst the Mamanuca Island group, Matamanoa Island is north of the main island Guests can travel via helicopter or seaplane from Nadi International Airport or travel by boat with South Sea Cruises from Port Denarau.

Tokoriki Island Resort

Tokoriki Island Resort
Tokoriki Island Resort

Voted Trip Advisor’s most romantic destination in Fiji, Tokoriki is an adults-only resort that should top the list for couples and newlyweds. Stay in one of the beachfront bures or the sunset pool villa, where you can indulge in your personal infinity pool and enjoy stunning views of the sparkling ocean via a double daybed. The resort is also well known for its food and wine, with a renowned Teppanyaki restaurant on site to satisfy couples with a taste for culinary delights.


Guests can travel 15 minutes by boat to experience four hours of seclusion on Monu Island. This unique experience includes a beachside picnic with French sparkling wine and snorkelling until your heart’s content.


Tokoriki Island Resort is located in the Mamanuca Islands, and a 12-minute helicopter or seaplane ride away from Nadi International Airport. Guests can also get to the resort via a 1-hour boat ride with South Sea Cruises from Port Denarau.

Likuliku Lagoon Resort

Likuliku Lagoon ResortLikuliku Lagoon Resort

Likuliku is the only resort in Fiji with over water bures. The 10 unique and spacious bures sit majestically above the coral reef, each luxuriously appointed with overlooking views of the beautiful Likuliku Lagoon and ocean. The direct translation of “Likuluki” means calm waters, which makes snorkelling here a must-do. Step into the dazzling aquarium from the comfort of your bure or spend the day basking under the sun from your private deck.


Likuliku Lagoon Resort is a breeding ground for turtles. If you don’t already snorkel, this should be a great incentive to start. The lagoon is home to several species, including Green, Hawksbill, Leatherback and Olive Ridley.


Likuliku Lagoon Resort is located on Malolo Island and is part of the Mamanuca groups of islands. Transfers are available from Port Denarau with South Sea Cruises.

Emaho Sekawa Resort

Emaho Sekawa is a 5-star all-inclusive private sanctuary, offering the definitive romantic experience, in the most breathtaking setting. Choose from three private villas and enjoy panoramic views of the South Pacific Ocean as well as the nearby mountains. Designed for couples that want to escape the everyday hustle and bustle to reconnect with each other, this luxury resort offers utmost privacy and personalised services that will have you never wanting to leave.


Turn up the romance by dining at one of the romantic venues on offer, including Emaho Sekawa’s unique “Under The Stars” evening, which comes with a bonfire and an outdoor bed.


Emaho Sekawa Resort is located on the south coast of Vanua Levu (Fiji’s second largest island), and a 25 minutes’ drive from Savusavu Town. Fly directly from Nadi and land in either Savusavu or Labasa.

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10 Must-Try Local Foods In Fiji
Posted 19 Apr 2016

Most travellers flock to Fiji for the sun, beaches and snorkelling, but did you know that the South Pacific island country is also a haven for delicious local eats? Heavily inspired by what the ocean has to offer, fish is a hero delicacy in Fiji in addition to root vegetables like sweet potato and taro, and exotic fruits like coconut and bananas. Traditional local cuisine is influenced by Indo-Fijian culture, and so don’t be surprised to see curry dishes on the breakfast menu.

If you’re travelling to Fiji for the first time, here are 10 things you should eat and drink.

1. Taro 6. Coconut
2. Kokoda 7. Nama
3. Rourou 8. Noni Juice
4. Duruka 9. Cassava Cake
5. Kava 10. Lovo

1. Taro


Taro is a beloved staple for Fijians and has been part of the local diet for centuries – its cultural importance is so significant that there’s even a dedicated holiday in May called Taro Day. You can enjoy taro in various forms, whether it’s steamed (the healthier version) or fried as fritters and potato chips – the latter pairs extremely well with local Fijian beer (Fiji Bitter or Fiji Gold).

2. Kokoda

Charred venisan kokoda with sea grapes

Kokoda (pronounced as ko-kon-da in Fiji) is a traditional Fijian dish of raw Mahi-Mahi fish marinated in lemon or limejuice, served on a bed of lettuce or with fresh fruit salad. This dish is topped with fresh coconut cream to create a rich creamy flavor, with the addition of tomatoes, spring onion and chilli. Kokoda is commonly referred to as Fiji’s ‘Coconut Ceviche’ and served as a popular entrée to cleanse the taste palate for following courses. At the InterContinental Hotel resort guests can take part in a complimentary Kokoda cooking class to sample this simple but delicious seafood dish.

3. Rourou

Rourou is a nutritious meal made from taro leaves soaked in coconut milk and blended with cooked onion, chilli and spices. Similar to spinach, taro leaves are a popular addition to Indo-Fijian curries. You will often find rourou served as a side dish during buffet-styled dinners. If you’re keen to try this out amongst other local Fijian dishes, head to Nadina Authentic Fijian Restaurant in Port Denarau where you can enjoy dinner over sunset.

4. Duruka

Raw Daruka

Similar in appearance to asparagus and often known as bush asparagus, duruka is a staple vegetable to the Fijian diet and is commonly served with fish that has been soaked in coconut milk. The edible part of the grass-like plant is the enclosed flower, which needs to be stripped and then boiled. For some of the best authentic Fijian food, Laucala Island has five restaurants and grows as much produce on the island as possible. The island also boasts some of the best views in Fiji with all the restaurants looking out to neighbouring islands, the reef and the glorious Pacific Ocean.

5. Kava

Fijian Kava Ceremony

Kava is a popular local beverage in Fiji, and is also known as a ceremonial drink. Made from the root of the Piper Methysticum, kava is said to induce a numbing effect in the mouth and promote muscle relaxation and drowsiness. An ideal time to drink the beverage would be at night, close to bedtime. Kava ceremonies are offered at most hotels, resorts and during day trips, however keep in mind that there are local customs and etiquette to adhere to.

6. Coconut

Coconut Tree

If you travel to Fiji, be sure to take advantage of the abundance of coconuts. Coconut is heavily relied upon in Fijian cuisine and is also exported, making it a great source of income for the country. All aspects of the coconut can be consumed; the water of the fruit is especially delicious because it is fresh from the tree.

7. Nama

Nama, Sea Grapes

Nama is a seagrass that looks like tiny grapes, which bursts in your mouth with an explosion of flavours. Typically harvested in the Yasawa Islands, nama can be found as a complement to food on buffet tables and is often served as a garnish. Be sure to add them to fresh food like salads for a flavoursome boost.

8. Noni Juice

Noni Juice
Noni Fruit 

Touted as a health elixir, noni juice is native to the Pacific Islands and Polynesia, and used as an herbal health tonic. Noni juice is said to help boost the immune system due to its rich antioxidant profile and can also help to cleanse the digestive tract.

9. Cassava Cake

Cassava is a woody shrub that is better known as tapioca. There are bitter and sweet varieties of cassava - the root provides the sweetness and is used to make cakes in Fiji. Many resorts will offer this treat at afternoon tea or for desert.

10. Lovo

Lovo preparation

Lovo is not a food but rather a traditional way of eating that directly translates to ‘feast cooked in earth’. Meat, chicken, fish or vegetables are prepared and wrapped in banana leaves and left to cook in a hot pit underneath the ground. As a result, food that’s prepared in this manner is often infused with a distinct, smokey flavour. Most resorts and hotels in Fiji will offer a Lovo style meal and is typically included in day trips to islands. A notable Lovo experience is at the Shangri La on the main island, which includes an entertaining night of Polynesian dancing and fire displays.

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10 Family Friendly Things To Do In Fiji
Posted 12 Apr 2016

Fiji is renowned as a family-friendly holiday destination, offering something to please everyone. It’s also the ultimate beachside escape for those who are keen to seek out exciting adventures and activities that the whole family can enjoy.

With tropical paradise in sight at every corner you turn, here are 10 family friendly things to do in Fiji.

1. Enjoy Resort Activities at Plantation Island Resort 6. Have Fun At The Mud Pool
2. Hop On The ‘Finding Nemo’ Family Cruise 7. Relax at The Garden of the Sleeping Giant
3. Build Fish Houses At The Shangri La Marine Education Centre 8. Go Zip Lining
4. Visit Kula Eco Park 9. Hop On The Blue Lagoon Cruises
5. Join A Day Tour 10. Enjoy Water Sports Activities With Adrenalin Fiji

1. Enjoy Resort Activities At Plantation Island Resort

Plantation Island
Plantation Island Resort, Malolo Lailai

Want to settle in a resort that provides all the fun? Plantation Island Resort’s new waterpark, fitted with six modules, an Action Tower and a spring-free Aqua Trampoline, is guaranteed to keep your children entertained, while you jet off to a relaxing massage. The resort also offers a bungee trampoline, mini golf, wood carving, dolphin safari and nature walks that the whole family can participate in.

2. Hop On The ‘Finding Nemo’ Family Cruise

South Sea Cruises
South Sea Cruises

Surprisingly, Nemo can be found outside the Great Barrier Reef and in the Fijian waters. Organise a fun family day trip out to the South Sea Island, where you can hop on a cruise to explore Fiji’s stunning underwater oasis. This is ideal for families with small children, who will beam at the sight of all the colourful coral and incredible marine life surrounding them. South Sea Cruises run two-hour boat trips to the South Sea Island via a semi-submersible vessel, which means you don’t even have to get wet. Rather, sit beneath the surface and enjoy looking at the coral and fish through large windows. Alternatively, guests can snorkel to see the rich sea life up close.

3. Build Fish Houses At The Shangri La Marine Education Centre

Fiji’s Shangri La Resort places a strong focus on ecological sustainability and has recently launched the coral gardens project and the Marine Education Centre. This is open to guests and is a great way for children and the whole family to learn about marine conservation and to get involved through meaningful activities such as fish house building. Fish houses help preserve and grow the fragile coral reef system – an initiative that’s crucial to help propagate and revive Fiji’s coveted coral life. The resort will also supply you with Google Map coordinates so that your children can identify the exact location of the fish house they have built even after the trip.

4. Visit Kula Eco Park

Kula Park
Kula Eco Park, Sigatoka

Fijians pride themselves on their focus for ecotourism and work hard to preserve their precious wild life and ecosystems. At the Kula Eco Park visitors can explore Fiji’s spectacular bird, reptile and marine life amongst a natural forest. Opt for the Family Fun Self-Guided Tour, which involves hand feeding the Hawks Bill sea turtles and hiking through the exhibits of Fiji’s wildlife. Expect an adventure-filled day with the kids amidst a tranquil setting, as you cross bridges, climb up valley walls and arrive in the forest canopy.

5. Join A Day Tour

Rivers Fiji
Rivers Fiji, Navua

Sign up to a day tour which combines adrenaline filled activities like river canoeing and bamboo rafting, with cultural experiences like visiting a Fijian Village. You’ll get a chance to marvel at the biggest waterfall on the Navua River and also experience a magical waterfall swim. Transfer from your punt on to the bamboo raft and enjoy a smooth ride down stream, immersed in what nature has to offer and surrounded by the sound of the forest and the birds. Finish the day with a tour of the village where you can watch locals crack open a coconut with bare hands and learn how to basket weave. It’ll be a family day out to be remembered.

6. Have Fun At The Mud Pool

Telling the kids they have full permission to roll in mud is something they would never expect to hear, but at the Sabeto Valley Mud Pool and Thermal Spring parents will voluntarily want to do the same. The Sabeto hot water springs are a therapeutic opportunity to experience a hidden asset of Fiji. The sulfur in the mud is said to have a restorative effect on the body and the mud can also be used on the face as a DIY facial.

7. Relax at The Garden of the Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Giant
Garden of the Sleeping Giant, Nadi

Deemed the best kept horticultural secret in the South Pacific, the Garden of the Sleeping Giant offers a unique experience to discover a whole new world of flora, including the majestic orchid flower. This is an enjoyable activity for families looking to escape from the heat and be shaded under a canopy of rich and lush vegetation. Entry fees to the garden for an adult is $16 and $8 for children. This is a small expense for something truly beautiful.

8. Go Zip Lining


Witness a different view of Fiji from the treetops of the thrilling Zip Line. This activity is for the more adventurous family, with 16 giant ziplines that take you through the spectacular rainforest of Viti Levu. Soar through the incredible wildness settings and exotic beauty of caves, canyons and mountaintops, for an adrenaline-rushing experience sure to excite the entire family. Opt for the 3-hour Zip Line tour which includes transportation, lunch, equipment and a walk-through tour.

9. Hop On The Blue Lagoon Cruises

Blue Lagoon Cruises
Blue Lagoon Cruises

If you’d rather spend the family holiday hopping from island to island, Blue Lagoon Cruises offers three options for exploring the vast islands of Fiji. To provide a taster, the four-day Wanderer Cruise will sail around the incredible Yasawa Islands, starting with the palm-covered Mamanucas, to the vivid southern islands. Guests can hop on and off daily to soak up the strikingly beautiful island scenery, go snorkelling, or simply relax on the picture-perfect beaches. This is an exciting way to see a great deal of Fiji every day and to find paradise both onshore and in the water.

10. Enjoy Water Sports Activities With Adrenalin Fiji

Banana Boating
Banana Boating, Plantation Island

If your family wants to do something beyond relaxing by the pool, Adrenalin Fiji offers an impressive array of activities designed for thrill seekers and water sports fanatics. Family friendly activities include kayaking, banana boat rides, water skiing, snorkelling tours and parasailing. Adrenalin Fiji is also a water sports provider for popular resorts on Denarau Island including Hilton, Sofitel, Radisson and Wyndham. If you happen to stay at one of these resorts, simply book with Adrenalin Fiji and the crew will be on the beachside waiting to provide you with an unforgettable day of fun.

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Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding In Fiji
Posted 11 Apr 2016

Who doesn’t love a destination wedding? It’s a great opportunity for friends and family to come together on your special day, in a location which they may have never thought to experience before. What’s even more perfect is that the wedding can often segue nicely into the honeymoon, no additional logistics required. No need to um and ah any longer, here are 10 good reasons why the dreamy islands of Fiji would make for a memorable destination wedding.

1. Stunning Resorts 6. An Exotic Experience
2. All-Inclusive Wedding Packages 7. Adventure & Fun With Your Nearest & Dearest
3. Picturesque Memories 8. Luxury & Privacy At It's Finest
4. Be Different 9.  The People
5. Two for One 10. The Price

1. Stunning Resorts

Outrigger, Fiji

Fiji’s world-class hotels and resorts are what wedding venue dreams are made of. Offering breathtaking views, premium services and too-good-to-be-true wedding packages, a destination wedding in Fiji is a no-brainer. The resort facilities are always incredibly impressive, with all you could possible want (and more) in the one place. Some places even have their own chapel too! Popular Fijian mainland resorts to consider for your wedding include InterContinental Fiji Golf & Spa Resort, Shangri La, Outrigger and Warwick. If you prefer island resorts, some of our favourite picks include Tokoriki, Treasure Island and Castaway Island

2. All-Inclusive Wedding Packages


When it comes to experience, the wedding planners in Fiji are next to none. Many of the resorts are designed to accommodate for weddings and work hard to provide excellent services to facilitate. For couples who want to take the stress out of planning your big day, look for holistic wedding packages that cover accommodation, food, entertainment, a wedding coordinator, photography, decorations, minister or celebrant, massages, hair and makeup, staff and transfers. Now you can enjoy your special day, fuss free!

3. Picturesque Memories


This may be stating the obvious but Fiji is a beautiful country and serves to be an idyllic backdrop for your wedding. Your wedding photos alone will speak more than a thousand words and spark wedding envy in every way possible. Picture having the ceremony on the beach, underneath a floral wreath in the early afternoon as the sun begins to set over the horizon. Every moment you spend in Fiji (from the lead up, to the big day, to post-wedding) will feel incredible as you wake up to palm trees, luscious greenery and the clear blue ocean.

4. Be Different

Cloud 9, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

If a traditional wedding isn’t what you’re after, Fiji also provides other wedding alternatives to consider, such as the newly built Cloud 9. Experience the most special day of your life in the middle of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by clear, turquoise blue water and neighbouring islands on a two level floating platform. Opt for a laidback wedding ceremony on this floating island and allow your guests to change into their swimsuits afterwards to enjoy the day in the sun with water sports, wood fire pizza and an open bar.

5. Two for One

Likuliku Island Resort, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Having a destination wedding in Fiji means that you can enjoy your honeymoon immediately after matrimony. Wedding packages often include accommodation in luxury suites with private balcony dinners and couple’s massages, which makes the transition into marriage life very comfortable. You can also take this time to explore other islands in Fiji, which are designed for honeymooners and adults only. Paradise is served best at the Likuliku Lagoon resort, which houses villas hovering over the clear waters. This is the ideal honeymoon spot, with privacy, intimacy and snorkelling right at your doorstep.

6. An Exotic Experience


Want your wedding to be unconventionally memorable? Fijian wedding packages offer the option to include exotic, cultural practices. This could include a singer, Fijian choir, tribal drumming ritual, Polynesian fire dancing or dining lovo style, where food is prepared in hot rocks submerged in the earth and steamed to perfection. Taking this path will give a whole new meaning to having a destination wedding.

7. Adventure & Fun With Your Nearest & Dearest

Hilton Hotel, Nadi

When else will you get the opportunity for friends and families to be in one place together for an extended time? Fiji isn’t just about white sandy beaches and basking under palm trees, it has so much more to offer. Integrate some action into your destination wedding by exploring various islands on day trips and go snorkelling to witness the expansive underwater oasis. Hotels will help organise day trips and activities at a discounted rate for groups. Organise for said activities pre or post wedding to extend the celebration with your closest family and friends.

8. Luxury & Privacy At It’s Finest

The resorts in Fiji pride themselves on offering their guests a premium product and for those seeking to add a serious touch of luxury on their special day, this is the perfect location for it. Take your destination wedding to new heights by marrying on one of the spectacular Fijian islands. Many of these islands are adults-only and cater for a smaller amount of guests, providing unparalleled intimacy and seclusion. One of our favourite picks is Royal Davui Island – with only 16 villas available for guests. Each villa is fitted with a private plunge pool, spa bath, sun deck and wet bar, perched amongst surrounding reefs and islands. Celebrating the big day on your own private tropical island - it doesn’t get more luxurious than that.

9. The People


What will make a destination wedding in Fiji even more special is by sharing it with the Fijians themselves. The Fijians are some of the happiest and friendliest people in the world and will go to great lengths to ensure your stay is perfect. Ask anyone who has travelled to Fiji and they will stand by this claim. It’s arguably one of the happiest days in your life and to celebrate it amongst the presence of friendly and joyful locals is a plus.

10. The Price


Not to be ignored, weddings are expensive. The benefit of a destination wedding is that it is surprisingly more affordable than having it at home. When you decide on a package in Fiji the overall cost and stress is considerably less than doing it yourself. In Fiji, you have everything you need in one place. It may also be cheaper because of a smaller guest list, so you only have the very nearest and dearest of friends and family. To ensure that guests don’t spend more than they need to, recommend that their presence is their wedding gift.

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